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Tough Customer (2010)

Tough Customer (2010)

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1416563105 (ISBN13: 9781416563105)
Simon & Schuster

About book Tough Customer (2010)

Okay so I never would've picked this book up or even been in that section of the bookstore. And admittedly, the title seemed really cheesy to me. But it was chosen for book club and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Took me a little while to get past the character names because for the most part they seemed cringeworthy to me. But in the end an entertaining read with some good suspense and some surprises. Dodge's stubborness to rescue Caroline and Berry paid off, but not as planned. He suffered a heart attack and at the end it is unknown if he survived or not. Well, I hope he's love for Caroline is that much for him to fight to live.I've read several books of Sandra Brown and all of them I almost couldn't put down. This one's different though. For most of the pages I was bored, not until the part where they found Sally's body which is approximately about 1/3 of the unread pages of the book.

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This was a real page turner! Very good - kept me guessing til the end. Go out & read it!

Patron Review: A lot of twisting and turning made it a good mystery.

Slow start to this book, but after muddling through it did pick up.

Another winner by Sandra Brown. Always enjoy her books.

Dobrá oddechovka.

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