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Toxic Part One (2012)

Toxic Part One (2012)

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Addison Moore Publishing

About book Toxic Part One (2012)

This fantastic series is the most exciting addition to the YA genre, which I was unable to put down! Toxic: part one is the seventh installment within an extensive series of nine books, from 1-6 and 7, 7.5. The tale began with Earthreal and continued with tremble, burn, wicked, vex and Expel and additionally I am so excited to also have ‘Ephemeral’ the countenance on my to-read list. This absorbing, compelling saga is now being optioned for adapted to film, which is such exciting news and would be so well-deserved as Addison Moore’s books are just wonderful. This series has been incredible from book 1 and which I have totally lost myself within the gripping narrative, which is beautifully complex and detailed with such cleverly crafted characters making this a totally spectacular read. Complete with non-stop action throughout, tension-fueled romance amidst a tantalizing love triangle that will pull at you in several directions this is something quite addictive! Once you have begun reading the Celestra Series you will be caught in a web of Gage and Marshall that will have you on the edge of your seat, with all the twists & turns and surprises that keep you reading on. Moore has to be one of my favorite authors within the Young Adult genre, for her work is truly original and distinctive and which I could not compare to anything else as her inspired creation is astonishing and like nothing you will have encountered before!! Celestra book seven follows Skyla Messenger as her days are numbered, with someone close to her openly and shockingly deceiving her. She has an angelic faction war riding on her shoulders as well as trying to come to terms with her own mother getting close to the enemy, this installment within this lengthy, complex saga is extremely thrilling and which will have you gasping as so much more is revealed. Skyla certainly finds out within this book that in life, and also love, things are not always as they first seem to be! The tension between those within the entangled love triangle of Logan, Gage and Marshall intensifies, as both Skyla and the reader is pulled in different directions and just as you think you have come to understand your thoughts on a particular character then something else surprises you…such as Ellis getting in the way! It is a real page-turner and something that I really did enjoy, as a fan of not only this genre but books like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight that also contains a love triangle and delves into the inner workings of the human heart. Spine-tingling, nail-bitingly tense and a forceful read this is a book that goes strait to your heart and one that I very much delighted in. I am rating this 3 ½ stars as the series does drag-on a little and so I would rather read the books as a trilogy, rather than the 7 book series. I am a huge fan of addison moore and the celestra series but this one is definitely my least favorite of the series so far. I'm not sure if it's just a whole bunch of setting up for the last two books or what, but it just felt very slow. This is the first one that I actually put down to read other books. Parts of it did have me engrossed, and i have to admit it was mostly scenes with Gage and Skyla. While I know Logan, Gage, and Marshall all have their swoon worthy moments, it is getting to be a bit too much with her back and forth feelings. We are definitely getting to the point where she just needs to pick (Gage) because I can't imagine how these guys just stick around when she's making out with a different one every couple chapters. I am excited to see how the series ends, so here's hoping Toxic Part II is a little more gripping.

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It was not the best book in the series but it was very good I can't wait to read the next one!


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