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Toxic Part Two (2012)

Toxic Part Two (2012)

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So, my review of this book is pretty much the same as everyone else...THIS SERIES IS TERRIBLE! Yes, I did read them all just to finish the "storyline" and to see if the books got any better but boy, was I disappointed! Firstly, Skyla is one of the biggest, most slutty, annoying, stupid and self centre "heroine" I have ever read about. Secondly, Chloe is the biggest bitch in the entire novel world, I hated her so much I wanted to set my iPad in fire and throw the ashes in the ocean.Thirdly, this novel is SOOOO unrealistic! I know there supposed to be earth bound angels but can someone please explain to me how Skyla has managed to survive having her throat slit and have her arm hacked off and a new one from the dead body of Chloe??? What the actual hell?? Fourthly, CHOOSE A GUY AND STICK WITH HIM YOU STUPID SLUTTY IDIOT!! If you don't want Gage, give him to me instead because he is basically perfect and he loves you but noooo, Skyla needs to have both of them and also let Chloe get away with ruining her relationship with Gage. If you didn't want that to happen, you shouldn't have cheated on your boyfriend with your ex boyfriend who, in my head, I imagine to look like a blonde Jock who takes steroids. And lastly, What is the point of Marshall? Has Skyla gotten bored of her other 2 boyfriends so she needs someone to flirt with on the side? And why is it that the only way she can see these "visions" Marshall gives her is by kissing him? Your all people from the ethereal world, surely there's another way? Conclusion: It's a 8 part book series about a slutty blonde girls life, who also happens to be an angel. Right on the heels on “Expel”, we have Skyla and Logan thrust into the hands of the Countenance and of course, they survived or else there’s no story to tell. The war rages on, and the end is nowhere in sight.Again, I do not see anywhere in these two “Toxic” books that convinces the reader why Logan, Gage and Marshall place Skyla on such a high pedestal of love and devotion. She manipulates them shamelessly, especially Marshall and takes the meaning of “triple-barrelled heart” to a whole new level. And throughout the book, we have Skyla vacillating between “I trust Gage” and “I trust Gage NOT”. To sum it up, Skyla is born (and cast) into a role she is too ill-equipped to handle. After so long, I do not see her acquiring any good sense, organized thinking or problem-solving skills a heroine should have, despite valuable experiences at the hands of both friends and foes. She continues to flounder and lose region war after war, not to mention causing one fiasco after another. After a while, I actually started looking forward to each catastrophe because the author’s witty and humorous writing totally matched the mood of each new development and provided much LOL moments. It’s a good thing this book doesn’t take itself seriously.Strangely, despite it all, I still want to read on…

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