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Trading Up (2015)

Trading Up (2015)

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You know, all day at work I am reminded about how shallow mankind is. For exanple: 1) since I am not one of the "beautiful" people I am not treated as nicely and will never make as much money no matter how hard I work or how smart I am. 2) Since there are always people willing to sell themselves out for a buck- whether it is morally, spiritually, or environmentally- it seems like we will never make progress as a society. 3) Postponing short-term fulfillment for the greater good long-term is just unheard of most of the time (just one of the millions of examples, refer to "Who Killed the Electric Car"). Mankind, most of the time, acts like a selfish 2-year-old. So, when I choose ways to spend my free time, it is on things that make me feel good. I like things that portray a good, positive message. Or at the very least, the bad guy is portrayed as bad. If he does not get what he/she deserves in the end, there is at least the message of "the world is unfair". But that is not the case with this book. The "heroine" (as she is called both on the dustjacket and is treated as thus throughout the book) is shallow, vapid, cliche, fairly dense, and would sell out her mother in a New York minute for fame/fortune. Actually, she does use her poor, suffering sister shamelessly for her own advancement purposes several times. And in the end, she gets just what she wants because of her immoral behaviour. I never thought I would write this, but I think I would reccomend a Harlequin romance over this drivel. Usually they at least have a good, positive moral heroine who wants to do the "right thing". The bottom line: If you think it is a good idea for your teenager to star in a reality t.v. show like "NYC Prep", or you think "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" shows people that you could really look up to or perhaps even envy, then this book is for you. By all means, get it and read it. If your idea of good reality t.v. is more along the lines of "The 1900 House" or "The Edwardian Country House", I would stay away from this book. I wish I had. I would sugest only read this book if you want to be more disgusted with how the American Intellect is sliding into a black hole.

Trading up by (one of my favor authors) Candice Bushnell is a smart and witty novel. We got to know Janey in 4 Blondes as a former model, and in Trading Up, she has just scored a major Victoria’s Secret contract. Janey is suddenly given instant society status as she begins to spend her summer in the Hamptons, becoming best friends with the renowned socialite Mimi Kilroy. Mimi is set on hooking Janey up with the very wealthy Seldon Rose, head of a television studio. Seldon is different from the men that Janey has previously been with; he’s actually a man she would want to marry. Perhaps their marriage could finally give Janey the status and security that she craves?Janey is a character that you’ll love to hate, or maybe you’ll just hate her. If you have enjoyed Bushnell’s other books that follow high society life in New York City, then the Trading Up will be a treat. But as a word of caution, Janey may make you lose sympathy for her very quickly so that you’re no longer rooting for her character but instead hoping that she’ll get what she deserves. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a funny, insecure book or any Bushnell fanatic like me. I rate this 4.5 stars.

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It may look like another book reporting the life of a shallow girl blinded with money, fashion and all the glamourous life of New York, but if we look inside ourselves we find that we can relate somehow to the silly acts of Janey Wilcox... anywhoo I liked some parts of the book that I may quote:"Men can be notoriously simple in matters of the heart, and Seldon Rose, unfortunately, was one of those men. He had fallen in love with Janey Wilcox the moment she'd sat down next to him at Mimi's part, and in the single-minded way of men, he loved her simply because she was-because she existed- and because he could never quite possess her. He hadn't really wanted much from her, only that she love him a little and give way to his wishes now and then and stand by him. And with the irrational blindness of a man misguided by what he was convinced is love, he still hoped that she loved him too.""She reminded herself that she had been raised with good values, was a nice girl from a nice family who had been taught from an early age not to covet, but now she wondered what that relly meant. Wasn't it just a way of preventing people who could never get what they wanted from feeling bad about their lives?For now she did not covet in avery way, and with a keen sense of purpose? Was it her fault that she'd been brought up not to expect much more from life than a vague kind of job and a vague sort of marriage with some shadowy children attached? what sort of deep meaning was she supposed to garner from that?But here, she thought, touching the fabric of a fine silk dress, these things were real. No matter how many times she'd been warned about the dangers of wanting things, in her mind, they were achievements. They were like a magical duty of some kind, paid to thos whom God or fate mysteriously chose to honor, and it seemed that one had hardly to do anything to recieve them.""I'm in love with you Ian" she'd whisper and sigh.Of course, she had to hide true feelings from Rasheed.But wasn't that part of the fun? The deception made her feel alive; it heightened her senses so that every moment felt like a particularly rich scene in a film

I loved Sex & The City, so I am hoping that this one will be good too. However, after reading the first chapter, I am already disgusted with the main character. And unfortunately, I am the type of person that has to finish a book once I start reading we'll see.A few days later...Okay, I gave it another try and gave up. I have no desire to finish this book and will not recommend it. Stories about the fashion world and the glamorous life of the rich and famous can be tastefully written and entertaining, however, this book is just plain trashy & disgusting. If you like stories about models sleeping with old men to get accepted into the glamorous lifestyle and the actresses that are unbelievably stuck up and whiny and selfish then you will love this book. I was disappointed because I like Candance Bunshell, and I know that Sex & The City was not realistic but it was entertaining because it was not trashy (okay maybe a little at some points, namely Samantha) but it is not nearly as bad as this book. I do not recommend it.

Wow--very well written. Your review is a tender criticism that gives the author a chance to improve/change her style. She may actually be a woman hater. Now I'll have to read this book to find out. Kudos to you for your stance and lifestyle.

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