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Tragic / Manic / Panic (2014)

Tragic / Manic / Panic (2014)

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193641340X (ISBN13: 9781936413409)
Science Future Press

About book Tragic / Manic / Panic (2014)

I decided not to read anything about these books before reading, And I'm so glad i did from the first page i had no idea what to expect Rook and Ronin story was just so hard but amazingly written by Julie, And love her supporting character's too Spencer and Ford we not at all what i though they would be.i would love to know where Rook and Ronin went from there but the ending was so good. I'm so glad to have read this and will be continuing with the others. Thank you Julie for an amazing series. This is quite the story. It takes you places you don't expect. And people you think you shouldn't like turn out to be characters you actually love!! This is a fantastic series. This story line is very different than any other book I've read. It kept it really interesting. I was totally hooked right away. I love Rook and Ronin. But every character was great. Spencer, Ford, Antoine, Elise. This is a must read!!!!

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Holy cow. That's all I can about these books.

I love them all!!! Great, great, great

Great series!


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