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Training Tessa (2012)

Training Tessa (2012)

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Lyla Sinclair

About book Training Tessa (2012)

I liked this story. It's only 98 pgs. Good story and detailed, but cliffhanger. Tessa needed this job to help pay for her moms care. Excited about the job, Tessa never read the contract, which stated she will be punished if she does wrong. Mason is a control freak with sever OCD and germ issues. Dixon is the easy spirit one. When Tessa does something wrong, mason punishes her, then Dixon gets mad and comforts her and does the punishments the right way. Dixon and her fall in love, but he has issues with how his brother keeps controlling her. When an issues happens, Dixon freaks and it takes a while for them to reconnect. Then Tessa gets a call to come home for a job and take care of her mom. She has to go but doesn't want to leave him. She they do a 6 month split. Now we need to read book 2 for more info. Awesome book series.. Can't wait for the second book to come out.. The characters were great and really I liked each scene that went on.. Not for the faint of heart because it has some erotic scenes in it, but if your into that its a good read. Tessa's character from the start was great and really I liked how it took a turn, at the point where she was getting to know all about her job " I was like WOW.. O.o" but I couldn't put the book down..

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Waiting for next book to continue where Tessa will stand with Dix after leaving.

It's entertaining at least.

nice light read...

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