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Traitors Of The Tower (2010)

Traitors of the Tower (2010)

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0099542285 (ISBN13: 9780099542285)

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ISBN? - 9780099542285General Subject/s? - History / Executions / Tudors / Wars of the Roses / Sixteenth CenturyTitle? - This book is a very short introduction to the most famous executions that happened in the Tower of London.General Analysis? - A very very very short introduction. It literally just gives the facts as we understand them and doesn't really go into much of the background. Each of these instances could at least by ten times the length, if not more. Good for those with no knowledge of the period, but for someone more knowledgeable I would say it is almost useless.Recommend? - Not unless you're completely unfamiliar with the period. Even though it took me only a little over an hour to read this whole book being as short as it is (75 pages) it really is a good read. Weir is my favorite author on this time period and this is a quick little way to get a good introduction to the people in history that were beheaded at this tower. Though I have read full lenght books on most of the poeple in here I would def recommend it to anyone looking to get a little insight during this time. Weir keeps it brief but you can get a good idea of these people and thier tragic ends.

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brief overview of some of the people who were killed in the tower of london.

Good fun read. Allison is always amazing!

Nice short overview.

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