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Treasures (1993)

Treasures (1993)
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0440214009 (ISBN13: 9780440214007)
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Treasures (1993)
Treasures (1993)

About book: Lara, Connie and Eddy have just buried their mother in the small Ohio town where they lived. As they sat around talking the evening of the funeral, Connie announced that she was planning to move to Texas, knowing no one but wanting to expand her horizons. Eddy took the same opportunity to announce that he was leaving for New York City to join an accounting partnership. Only Lara remains in Ohio. Eddy finds instant success in the finance world of Wall Street and quickly transforms his meager savings into millions. Connie meets someone in Texas and marries him and moves to New York, only to have the marriage crumble in deception. Her second marriage has her climbing quickly into riches. Lara and her husband remain in Ohio operating their small business not wanting any part of wealth, much to the confusion of her siblings. Until their worlds come crashing down... Re-read in 2012 to rate and review. I'd forgotten how personable Plain's characters are. There are aspects about each that I could pull for. As Eddy was getting more and more wealthy, I was wanting to urge caution, as Lara steadfastly held to not wanting a part of it, I could understand her view and sympathize. I was drawn in from the start and held throughout.
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