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Tres Luces (2010)

Tres luces (2010)

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Eterna Cadencia

About book Tres Luces (2010)

This is one of the books I bought while in Ireland by and Irish author.Poignant. It caused me to smile and sigh and shed tears. Here's a quote to mull over:" 'Ah, the women are nearly always right, all the same,' he says. 'Do you know what the women have a gift for?' 'What?' 'Eventualities. A good wamn can look far down the line and smell what's coming before a man even gets a sniff of it.' " This book was assigned to us as part of our LC English course. I didn't know a lot about it. It's only 88 pages, so I read it in a single sitting. The description and imagery is absolutely gorgeously and effortlessly described by Keegan. The book is a lovely portrait of Irish rural life, including Mass, wakes, family gossip and trips into town. My main problem was the fact it was in present tense. It's just personal preference. Overall, it is a really intriguing book. The main story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It is most certainly worth an hour or so of your time for a read.

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Lu une nuit de veille. Décidément les formats courts me laissent toujours un peu sur ma faim.

A lovely story and a pleasure to read.

Moving. Simple and beautiful.

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