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Tressed To Kill (2010)

Tressed to Kill (2010)

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0425234746 (ISBN13: 9780425234747)
Berkley Prime Crime

About book Tressed To Kill (2010)

Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars... I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars... I loved this book! It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I'll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP. I picked this book up on a whim the other day at the library while the kids were looking for books to pick out for their summer reading.I started reading it the other night, and finished it today while i was sitting out at the Radio merit Badge day.I have a thing for series that revolve around a theme, the book shop mysteries, the knitting mysteries, the scrapbooking mysteries. So this was a natural to pick up off the shelf fast.The main characters are Grace and her mother, Violetta who run a beauty salon in the front of their old Victorian house. There are other ladies that play great roles, Aletha, Violetta's best friend, Vonda, Grace's best friend, Stella and Rachel, who work at the salon.The store starts with a town meeting, and the death of a business woman in town that had made more than her share of enemies. It twists and turns, going back in history about thirty years, to the sins of the father and husband. All these little things end up coming back together in the end, and twisting around to slowly come to conclusion in the reveal of the murderer.I loved the friendship between the women, between three generations of women, and the small town appeal and lure of this book. It really felt like a warm glass of tea that you could curl up with and i found myself routing for certain characters and disliking others and feeling sorry for yet others.It is a really good read, and I would recommend it to anyone, and as an added bonus there are three organic skin-care receipes in the back of the book.

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This was fun, a nice, typical, "cozy," this time set in a salon in small-town Georgia.

I didn't connect with the characters.

Can hardly wait for the 2nd book!!

this was a "cute" murder mystery

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