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Tribal (2000)

Tribal (2000)

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I have loved this series from book 1.Every couple is different and there stories are amazing.I love how we still get to see the other characters from other books carried over.Chris and Ash's story was great...but to darn short.We need more,or atleast I NEED MORE.Brei makes every thing work in all her books.She keeps the story line strong and you just don't want it to end.Im very much looking forward to the next book.With that ending looks like something is coming. 9/26/13 Um, well, I think this was more toward a 2-star read, I may change it after a bit.What can I say here? This was my least favorite book Ms Betzold has written thus far. I love this group of friends and family, but I didn't really enjoy this story. I thought Cris was an idiot and didn't really enjoy the strife in this story, or the BDSM. There were also a lot of sex scenes in such a short novella. Guess I wasn't expecting so much sex since we have so many characters involved in this group. I am not a prude, I just think there needs to be a bit more meat/story to a book than what we got here. I wanted to know more about how Drake was faring, instead we hear Mags get asked how being married was twice and only hear a little about him. I dont know, I just didnt really care for what we got here. I mean, do we even know WHY Cris had money problems w the shop? Pretty sure that part was still never explained. Editing still is in need of improvement. I mean, Cin's name has been spelled Cin for the first two books and 1/2 the times in this book to all of a sudden be spelled Cyn?! And maybe I need to go back and read the other books, but don't recall Cin being such a bitch, she used to be part of girl's night...right? Also, commas missing all over the place, and several sentences didnt make any sense, were very awkward.I enjoyed the information we did learn, should be interesting in the next book. Also look forward to what looks to be Max and Jules' story next?

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Now little novella. However I wanted more! Love Chris and Ash!

I love this series this book just didn't do it for me

Full review to come after book is released.

Good book

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