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Trickin' (2012)

Trickin' (2012)
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Trickin' (2012)
Trickin' (2012)

About book: This book was an amazing read and it was well developed. The book gave a lot of background information on certain scenarios that played out. I loved how she integrated the characters and communicated their emotions so well. The most interesting parts of the story was the relationship Ra'Keeya had with her boyfriend, friends, and mother. The conversations between Key-Key and her mother could be reminiscent of many people's relationship with their mom growing up. This book is something new that I haven't seen in awhile-- it was well written with little to no grammatical errors. Overall it was such a good read and your money will not be wasted if you decide to purchase it. *It should be available at your library also because that is how I was able to read it! Amazing Read Brandi!! Ra'Keeyah Jackson needs a job so her mother doesn't cut off her cell phone bill. Too good to work fast food and to good to take the bus, she and her friends, Shayna and Quiana, start stripping for quick cash--and lots of it.Ra'Keeyah's boyfriend Brick hates strippers--and that's basically what Re'Keeyah is. Meanwhile, Ra'Keeyah's mother hates drug dealers--and that's basically what Brick is. As the book progresses, Ra'Keeyah starts weaving one lie after another, and stripping turns into sex for cash. Will she learn from her mistakes, or will it be too late by then? You'll have to read the book to find out.
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This was a great book. I loved the way it flowed and would love to read a part 2.
GREAT book. I loved it. I hope there's a second part. :)
OMG i love u brick
Loved this book.
Loved this book
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