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Tris's Book (2006)

Tris's Book (2006)
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Tris's Book (2006)
Tris's Book (2006)

About book: Second in the Circle of Magic fantasy series for young middle-grade readers and revolving around the four young mages we met in Sandry's Circle, 1. It's also the second in the overall Emelan series.It's been two months since Sandry's Circle.My TakeTrisana learns more about her magic: why she hears voices.Mmm, I'm uncomfortable with the comment Frostpine makes about black people. It smacks too much of bigotry for me, even if Frostpine is a black person.Pierce reminds us to not judge a book by its cover. A good topic for parents to open with their kids. Then the duke tells Sandry of his pride in her, that she is using her abilities to help people. A much fuller life than that of her empty-headed parents.Aymery is an odd character — you'll find out how odd much later — who wants to get rid of Tris. Oh, not hurt her, just get her out of town.We learn some of Rosethorn's back history as a mud-roller.I love it! The adults keep saying "children can't do this, children can't do that", and Briar makes the best retort, lol. "If it's something 'children' can't do then we kids didn't do it." Crack. Me. Up. It's a good lesson for kids that they are capable. And a good one for adults to encourage kids to try.The responsibility of caring for another, a pet, is emphasized with the starling Tris takes on.Tris finds peace within the storms, the weather. It doesn't judge. It doesn't tell lies. Another topic for parents and kids to explore together. For parents to understand how bad it is to judge their children. To compare them to any other child. It's also good for kids to learn not to judge. To look for the other person's perspective and more.The StoryEvents in Sandry's Circle have caused Sandry's, Tris's, Briar's, and Daja's magics to combine giving each of them a small part of each other's powers.One gift they share is Tris's ability to "hear", and they discover this when they overhear men planning sabotage and committing murder.Tris has taken on a new responsibility: caring for a baby starling. It's an endless job.Daja takes on an important repair job with Frostpine and Kirel: repairing the nets and chains that protect Winding Circle.It's Briar's past as a thief that enables him to identify the true danger to Winding Circle.An even greater task for Tris and her fellow mages is the protection of Winding Circle from the pirates and the mages aiding them. With the help of the string Sandry spun in Sandry's Circle.The CharactersWinding Circle Temple in EmelanDiscipline Cottage is……an intimate setting for Dedicate Rosethorn whose power is with plants and who was a mud-roller, a farmer's daughter, and Dedicate Lark who is a weaver. They only take in mage students. Little Bear is the puppy the kids rescued in Sandry's Circle.Trisana Chandler, of a merchant family, is one of the four young mages. Her parents, Darra and Valden, couldn't get rid of her fast enough once they realized she had no value to them. They first sent her to Uncle Murris and Aunt Emmine. When she was at Cousin Uraelle's, she was abused. Aymery Glassfire Chandler is Tris's cousin, and he's learning how to use his magic at the university in Lightsbridge. He's delivering a letter for Adelghani Smokewind.Daja Kisubo, a mage with power over metal and fire, is outcast from her people, the Traders when all of her family died in the shipwreck. Uneny was her older brother. Other family includes Uncle Tiwolu who carried the dead body of his wife, Aunt Zayda, off their ship, the Fifth Ship Kisubo. She's apprenticing with Fire Dedicate Frostpine, a great smith-mage. Kirel is Frostpine's apprentice.Briar Moss has a gift for plants and still retains his skills from his days as a thief.The temple is……a place of learning and magic. Dedicate Superior Moonstream is their respected leader. Niklaren "Niko" Goldeye is the children's main teacher; he's also on the Mage-Council of Lightsbridge. First Dedicate Skyfire is from Sotat and had been a legend as a general. He's in charge of Winding Circle's defense. Dedicate Gorse is the temple cook with a special fondness for Briar. Dedicate Withe works in the kitchens and is a jerk. First Dedicate Crane of the Air Temple is a rival of Rosethorn's. Mostly because he tries to force plants in his greenhouse. Novice Jaen is being scolded by Dedicate Willowwater.SummerseaDuke Vedris IV is Sandry's great-uncle and the ruler of Emelan.Pauha (she calls herself "Queen Pauha") has brought together a number of pirate captains to create a formidable fleet. Enahar is her brother and a mage.Shurri and Hakoi are the goddess and god of fire. Trader Koma and his wife, Bookkeeper Oti, are Trader gods. Traders are merchants with some strict rules.The Cover and TitleThe cover is ocean greens with Tris standing atop one of the wall's defense towers, gesturing to the storm flashing over the pirate fleet in the harbor below.The title is the character on which Tris's Book focuses.

2.5 stars. You can really tell that "Circle of Magic" is Tamora Pierces first work. A lot of the themes in this series are repeated in her (much later) "Wild Magic" series. In fact, it's almost annoying howo similar they are. Nico/Numair have a lot in common, as do Tris/Daine. Older, world famous university educated mage becomes the mentor for the much young short-tempered and jaded girl who hates most of humanity and has only ever had animals friends before? Not to mention similar control issues.Mostly though, I think the reason why I disliked this book is Tris. Man, she's a shitty little brat. I had NO sympathy for her in the last book, and considering she is the focus of this book (as much as the Circle of Magic series manages to focus on anyone....), it was a lot harder to get into it.Normally, I'm stoked on TP gives her stories (mostly) happy ending, but I sort wish Trish would have a terrible accident so she'd disappear from the series and I could get on to reading about the less-annoying characters. Unfortunately, the entire premise of this series would breakdown them. Oh well. Maybe Tris will become less and less of a character.(Though it's obvious TP is setting her up to be the OMG BESTEST MOST POWERFUL MAGELING EVAR, so I'll probably just have to grit my teeth and bear it.)
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Loren Weaver
Tris's Book is the second in the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce following four young mages.It's a warm summer, and the pirates have decided that Winding Circle and Emelan are a good choice for easy pickings. Of course, they've come in force with their own mages and battle magic. With their new home in danger, our favorite four mages are determined to do whatever it takes to safeguard their home.Now that we know each of our four heroes a little better, we can really start to see them grow in Tris's Book. No longer brand new at their craft and stronger than ever, the four resent all implications that they can't help defend the home that has brought them together. And defend it they do. Of course, it's never as easy as you think it will be.
I'm getting fonder of this series as it goes on. I like the characters - I usually do when it comes to Tamora Pierce books. Not only that, but the writing is so smooth that it fades into the background. So many YA books these days have such awkward writing, with awkward sentence structure or poor word choices and it's downright distracting. I never have that problem with this author.Here's my favorite part of these books, though. Tamora Pierce can create a world where gender equality and racial diversity are THE NORM, and she can do it without drawing any attention to it - without going "ooooh, look what I did there." I am ashamed to say that I caught myself incorrectly assuming that background soldiers, etc., were male until a pronoun was used. I assumed for a little while that Frostpine was white and sort of Scandinavian-looking, mostly because that's what the name conjured up for me. I also caught myself imagining Gorse as a tall, ruddy-faced doughy man. And each time, I was wrong, and all because of my own assumptions and incorrect perceptions. I love you for this, Tamora Pierce. I hope that someday I will reach the point where I stop making these assumptions and assume racial diversity and gender equality instead.(I read Fire by Kristin Cashore right after this and could feel the contrast. Cashore also creates a world where there is greater gender equality in jobs like soldier or healer, etc., but it kind of seemed like there was more attention called to the fact. Admittedly that was partly because it was a surprise to the main character, from whose perspective the book is written.)
Julie Decker
Tris is a "weather witch" and her magic works in a way that's unprecedented in her world, but that's been a burden that is easier to bear now that she knows three other mages with similar issues. Joined through their magic with the other Circle of Magic kids--Sandry, Briar, and Daja--Tris has to learn to control her temper, since it affects her magic and everyone knows when she's mad. But then it comes in handy when they get attacked by pirates. The question is how well can they work together when everything is so new to them and everything seems to be in upheaval all the time? Tris takes center stage and learns the true power of both her talents and their connections.I like Tris the best of the four, though I feel like she's blustery sometimes just because the book assigns her that quality--it sometimes seems to come out of nowhere. I liked the description of her abilities as well. The "oh no, your emotions are causing your powers to go out of whack!" bit is pretty common in fantasy, but it's well woven in this since they're pretty new to all of this and they're young teens so that would be the most likely time to lose control of any aspect of themselves. Yet again with this book I felt that a book about connection should feel more connected; I still had trouble getting particularly invested in any of these people, and the problems they face feel contrived sometimes.
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