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Trono De Cristal (2012)

Trono de cristal (2012)

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8420403679 (ISBN13: 9788420403670)
Alfaguara Juvenil

About book Trono De Cristal (2012)

Look, I... really don't know how to finish this sentence. I mean, my basic reaction throughout the entire book was one humongous eye roll for several reasons:1. Celaena Sardineothian (sorry, can't remember her name?)I don't think it's so much to ask for that when I'm promised a bad-ass assassin (badass-assin?) with a degree in Hardcore, that I GET a bad-ass assassin with a degree in Hardcore. I can tell you I definitely wasn't expecting a swooning heroine with an obsession with fashion, candy, small fluffy dogs and highly attractive males.God, I mean, I appreciate the fact that she was supposed to be totally awesome, y'know, and had the ability to wallop a ridiculously muscle-bound hulk of a man (that was not UGLY, as was explicitly stated in the book, as "his tanned face was rather pleasant, but there was something nasty about his demeanor") into next year, or slaughter 23 guards with, I don't know, a piece of uncooked spaghetti or something, but I didn't really ever see a proper demonstration of the murderous skills that have built her the infamous reputation of Ardarlan's Assassin by the age of about 16.I mean, sure, we were TOLD about every 5 sentences that OF COURSE she could kill everyone in a 200m radius in about 2 seconds (in a range of surely imaginative ways that are never really explained explicitly), but I only have about 2 or 3 recollections of her unleashing her deadly skill (in fight scenes that lasted about a paragraph). Idk man, if she's as good as all the writing seems to suggest she is, then why didn't she just escape using her ninja skills at literally any point during the book and go off and start a new life somewhere? Because apparently manacles and a severe look from a guard is enough to stop her in her tracks.Also, she can't hit a slow moving target with a flowerpot. To be fair, neither could I, but I'm not Ardarlan's Assassin. ALSO, after labouring in a salt mine for a year, you'd think that she'd be pretty fit, or at least kinda strong, but apparently after a year of hard labour she's lost all strength. Another discrepancy I noticed was that at the beginning she was all cultured ("she doesn't sound like a member of the rabble." "I should hope not!" Celaena interjected) but then later on she's sitting at a table, stuffing her face and chewing with her mouth open? IS SHE PROUD OF HER CULTURED-NESS OR DOES SHE NOT GIVE A DAMN??? I NEED ANSWERS!!!!Apparently she can also do everything under the sun, like playing musical instruments etc, and she's also an AVID READER! What a surprise. I'm sorry, if that was supposed to endear her to me, it did the exact opposite. She was kind of sickeningly perfect, even though other characters were (occasionally) complaining that she was "arrogant", yet somehow, despite killing countless people (which she doesn't lose any sleep over - which I would be okay with if she was actually BADASS) and living in a death-camp or sorts for a year, her face is still "soft".Wut???Ok, I'll stop now, but I think you get the idea. There was a lot of talk, and not so much action as pretty dresses and love triangles. That brings me to my next point.2. The RomanceThere was a ridiculous amount of it, and it was bland. Dorian was bland (although at one point he "growled" at the King? Just thinking through the practicality of this, do you ever just hear people in conversation with their feared superiors, giving a growl before saying something? Give it a try. Right now. Growl for me).A lot of characters were stereotypes. The banter jumped around a bit too quickly for me to follow, and sometimes there were very abrupt mood-swings.I did like Chaol though (Well, I say 'like'), because he gave me the best quotation out of the whole book. He's dragging Celaena to meet the king or something, and she's complaining about her clothes, and he says:"Stop whining. No one gives a damn about your clothes."SOMEONE SAID IT!I thought he was a decent character, and I was sad when he was reduced to a pathetic love interest. There was a little bit about him trying to solve the mysterious murders going on in the castle, but that mostly consisted of him walking to Celaena's chambers, frustratedly pondering the grisly deaths going on IN THE SAME RESIDENCE AS THE ROYALTY OF THE COUNTRY???? WHAT SORT OF CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD IS UNCONCERNED ABOUT A MURDERER RUNNING LOSE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS THE ROYALS?? Tbh he seemed more concerned about Celaena, although she is the one that is supposed to have a degree in Hardcore Badassery (and a reputation as a death-machine), whereas the gorgeous prince Dorian was more of a gentle, womanizing reader (who had slept with every woman in the castle and surrounding towns, I'm pretty sure). Surely the conscientious Crown Prince who is disturbed by the actions of his cruel father is more at risk of being torn to shreds and having his organs devoured, than the assassin?But whatever.3. The WorldbuildingDull, dull, bland, dull, boring, dull, predictable, dull, dull, and, what was the other word I was looking for?... Oh, that's right. Dull.Look, it was predictable, it was situation that has been seen a million times before (evil king taking over entire world), very little was really explained, and what was explained was not particularly subtle.I'm sick of writing this review now. I could go on, believe me, and the only thing that saved this book from a 1 star rating was the fact that I was in the mood for reading something mindless, and this was perfect. Also, I've had a lot of fun using it as a sharpening stick to hone my razor sharp, witty criticism (tbh I just really wanted to bag something out for a while).I don't think I'll go on to read the rest of the books because I felt like the author was really desperate for me to, dropping hints all over the place about Celaena's mysterious past and her mysterious specialness and blah blah. So no. I refuse. If you're considering reading this: Please do. Just do it. Read it. Throne of Glass is the first book to one of the greatest book series I've read so far. We are talking assassins, mystery, romance (a bit of a classic love triangle dilemma) MAGIC and badassery. Our assassin goes by the name Celaena Sardothien. She is Adarlan's most notorious assassin...a fierce killer but also a lover who exhibits a sassy disposition who likes her pretty dresses, her good books and enjoys the nicer things in life. But above all she is an assassin fighting for her life and freedom.

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Fun and exciting. Interesting characters. I'm curious to find out what happens next:)

fantastic and well written Novel. can't wait to read the rest of the series :D

Brilliant novel, kept me drawn in at all times. Main character was great.

4 stelline e mezzo *-*

it was ok

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