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Trouble In Mudbug (2009)

Trouble in Mudbug (2009)

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About book Trouble In Mudbug (2009)

Excellent, super fun cozy mystery! Every so often I get an itch for one of these. The Stephanie Plum series had always helped fulfill me, but since I'm caught up on all and always awaiting the next one - I am on the look for substitutions. I'm picky with my humor and sometimes these cozies can fall a little on the ridiculous side. The humor of this book was truly silly, not cheesy and I found myself laughing out loud a few times. I loved the main character, Maryse, as well as all supporting characters, but the ghost in-law Helena really took the show! Great mystery, though I kinda predicted the bad guy - but not the reason for why he was the one. Cute budding romance, too. I loved the way everything came perfectly together in the end. The ONLY problem I had was the name she gave the MC - Maryse. It drove me BATTY the entire book that I could not pronounce her name! Does it sound like Marissa or more like Maris, or Marcy? WTH?? Her last name was even worse, but I didn't run into that every page so whatever. WHY do authors insist on weird names? It's truly annoying - sometimes they use a regular name but spell it funny. These I can figure out, but - Maryse??? Maybe it's a southern thing?? Just p-lease, authors...think about this. In a 300 pg book, a MC's name could be read 100x +, maybe? How annoying to have your reading flow constantly stilted on a name! I had at first decided to call her Marissa in my mind, but each time I came to it, I forgot what I'd decided on and then would begin to re-assess how it might be pronounced. UGH! My rant for the day. Otherwise a very fine book I enjoyed the heck out of. I don't usually read paranormal books but I decided to read it because the cover was so cute. I am so glad I decided to read it! The book was full of mystery and humor that had me laughing out loud! I really enjoyed reading it!When Maryse's rude and manipulative mother-in-law died, she thought all her problems would go away, but Helena's soul cannot go until she finds out who killed her. Unfortunately for Maryse, she is the only one who can see the ghost. She's finding it hard to stay away from the sexy Leo, the DEQ agent who is on a mission of his own. And to top it all of, someone wants her dead and will do anything to succeed.

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Fun to read, will read more from this author when I need a break from heavier reading :)

Love this series. Laugh out loud funny. Jana Deleon is one of my favorite authors.

Funny, cute, and semi predictable mystery.

it is a cute, fun read. I enjoyed it


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