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Trust In Advertising (2010)

Trust in Advertising (2010)

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1936305291 (ISBN13: 9781936305292)
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About book Trust In Advertising (2010)

I agree about the lack of respect. The heroine loves the guy and he's a prick. I mean... Yeah. No sex. Which is fine I guess but since it was a longer book I didn't understand the lack of actual consummation of love. The whole book is how they get to this apparent relationship. I wanted to hit them both. I didn't hate it and I laughed a lot but the relationship itself was beyond not good. This book was pretty stinking good! I was pretty skeptical... I mean, HELLO! That cover?! I was worried it might be really cheesey and raunchy. Instead, I discovered a book that was funny, sweet, sad, and real. I ended up loving it!Lexi gave up everything to take care of her father when he got sick, and with his passing, has decided to make a go of a life for herself. Applying for a very entry level position at an advertising firm, she quickly proves herself to be more than a brainless gofer, and she rises to the position of assistant to the creative genius behind the company... who just happens to be Lexi's high school crush. Forced to prove herself to his ridiculous demands and endure the jealousy of his witchy supermodel girlfriend, Lexi manages to go above and beyond to show herself as not only capable, but indispensable. Conflict brews, however, when professional boundaries are blurred and suspicion is cast in Lexi's direction. Will she lose everything she worked so hard to build?Five out five stars for this one!

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A great story and a really long book which I loved!

Very prolonged, predictable and boring.....

Loooooong, so long. And boring!

Predictable and boring.

2.5 stars.

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