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Truthful Change (2010)

Truthful Change (2010)

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About book Truthful Change (2010)

4.5 stars--Another winner from Ms. Davitt. I read Bound and Determined earlier this week and enjoyed it so much I needed to read more from this author. While Bound and Determined remains my favorite, this one did not disappoint. I will admit, however, that I was thoroughly confused at the very beginning. I felt like I was reading two separate books. Of course, had I read the description first, that wouldn't have been the case. A quick look at Goodreads and all was fine. In addition, there were some slow spots in the first 20% or so, but after that I was completely hooked until the end. This story included a lot of heated moments and a good bit of angst. I love it when your badass, don't do relationships, never gonna fall in love guy gets the wind knocked out of him, and there's no denying the appeal of one MC hiding the truth from the other and the sense of betrayal that brings to the one and the guilt it inflicts on the other. I loved it all!! Hmm, think I'll have to go find another book by Davitt! She really hits the mark for this reader! maybe 3.75 this started out great, held my interest most of the book. the MC's had chemistry, the plot was good.. not heavily plot oriented but enough to keep the story moving along. the sexy scences were steamy! and halfway through i thought this may be a 5 star.. but then 75% it just fizzled a bit for me :(can't tell ya why in this review b/c of spoilers but i also thought the epilogue was never gonna end LOL!overall it was a good read so i compromised with 4 stars.

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LOVED IT! Enough Shoot um up bang bang. And OMG the chemistry was to die for.

Struggled to finish this one. Couldn't connect with the characters.

Very engaging. I really liked it!

don't like cheaters

loved it!

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