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Trying To Score (2013)

Trying to Score (2013)

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About book Trying To Score (2013)

This was probably my least favorite novel from the Assassin series. Fallon worked my patience and I found myself skimming a lot of the dialog. Lucas was just an awesome character with the patience of a saint. I loved his determination even after countless rebuttals from Fallon. I loved his relationship with Aiden and Fallon's sister Audrey. I struggled to read this novel mainly because of Fallon's character, it was so overwhelming how she refused to see that Lucas had changed. Even after all was proven to be a lie she still wouldn't go back to Lucas. Drove me bananas. It broke my heart how Fallon's father was not supportive of her and how he treated her and everything she did. I did enjoy the flashback sequences that the characters had through out the novel and explained their past relationship. I only continued reading this novel so I could see what was happening with the other characters in the series. I wish I was Fallon! Yes she came off as bitchy, impossible, stubborn and selfish at times. On the other hand she could be warm, kind, caring and compassionate. In all reality, Fallon was broken. So why would I wish to be her? One reason.....Lucas Brooks. Lucas loves hard! He worships Fallon. But will his past mistakes with Fallon continue to haunt him and prevent him from being with the one who took his heart and never gave it back?There is so much drama in this book which kept me on a roller coaster the entire time. I laughed, I cried, I swore out loud and wanted to climb into the pages and give a couple characters a good shake. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!

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Love this series so much! These books are long, and extremely well written. Made me a hockey fan!

Loved it! Cute sweet and much better than the first book!

Good read but good god Fallon drove me insane!!!!!


3.5 stars

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