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Tryst (2000)

Tryst (2000)

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Reading a Cambria Hebert book is an experience. Each one in their own right that I've read so far have brought me such joy. But Tryst takes it to the next level. It's got it all; everything from humor, great sex, tears and a toe curling, swoon worthy romance between a girl who's accident prone and a guy who wants to be left alone but can't seem to get enough of the girl next door.Talie Ronson walked in on her good for nothing, pompous, I'm so important because my father is someone, husband in bed with his secretary. Once she's thrown "Barbie" out of their apartment naked, she comes into her own as a person. She realizes that her life pretty much sucks. After a series of just no good awful things happen in her life, Talie's best friend Claire tells her to get out of town. She sends her to Tailspin Island, NC where her Aunt is in need of a house sitter while she's recovering from a recent surgery. On the way there, the hits just keep on coming when her junker car breaks down and she is suspicious of the man who stops to help her with her car trouble.Gavin Palmer loves to surf. So much so that he is content living on the beach, surfing and eating snack cakes solo everyday. He wants to be left the hell alone by the world. He's got a past but he refuses to talk about it. His neighbors keep to themselves and they leave him be. That is until he's driving home one night and spots a car broken down on the side of the road with a beautiful young damsel in distress in need of help. This girl won't shut up, she can't keep herself from getting into trouble or causing herself bodily harm in the most random ways. But its endearing and he finds himself for the first time in a long time torn between opening up old wounds and letting someone in or walking away and continuing his life of solitude. Poor Talie's life is just a comedy of errors from the moment she walks in on the husband. The quotes that she says out loud or thinks to herself are nothing short of hilarious. Her interactions with Gavin are toe curling at times and yet at others you want to punch him in the face. The soon to be ex-husband Blake is a real piece of work that you'll want to run over with your car because of his seriously disturbing, pompous attitude. You know, there are men out there in the world like this guy and I'd like to light them all on fire for treating their wives this way. And oh don't get me started on the sister, Joanna who as Claire puts it, is a true Stepford Wife. She believes her sister should stay with the jerk who broke her heart and shat on their marriage. No thanks, it's best to move on!The character's were genuinely relateable, but then, Cambria's usually are! She writes these amazing three dimensional character's who demand that you feel what they are feeling. Their sorrows, their happiness, all of it! Oh and the heat from the sexual encounters between Gavin and Talie is off the charts good! You'll find you want to re-read them, at least I know I did. This is a definite read again and again for me. I can't get enough of Cambria's books and am eager to see what she comes up with next! I Received A Complimentary Copy of This Book From The Author In Exchange For My Honest Opinion.Cambria has done it once again. This book is absolutely amazing. I found myself so wrapped up in Talie's story that I couldn't put it down. Talie's life is turned upside down when she comes home early from work and catches her husband in their bed with his secretary. After literally throwing lopsided barbie and her husband out of their place she packs her bags and leaves. Talie is a strong character and doesn't back down to her sister. She stands by her decision. She also remain strong when she goes back to speak to her husband and when he tracks her down after she leaves town to get away.Gavin is handsome, mysterious, and a a**hole at times, and he likes to suck on blow pops and eat snack cakes. Something happened in his past that has broken him. Gavin doesn't talk about himself and he doesn't do emotional relationships but he can't help the attraction he feels for Talie. The only solution a tryst while she's house sitting for her friend Claire's Aunt Ruth.Talie and Gavin are both broken and in their own way and very passionate people. Gavin by whatever happened in his past and Talie by what her husband has done and her insecurities about herself. Together these two ignite when they touch. I can't say how much I loved this book and Gavin and Talie. Talie spoke to me and touched me in a way many characters don't. I felt her pain.Once again awesome job Cambria and I can't wait for the next book in the Take It Off Series.

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possibly a new favorite of the Cambria Hebert books I've read. Loved it.

Was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

my fav book so far

Love this series!


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