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Tug (2000)

Tug (2000)

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Liked it.The ending is a cliffhanger - so I want the next one now!! It opened possibilities of all kind of twists to the whole story and I really want to see Tug beg and crawl trying to get her back.Hated the Tori character (his brother's wife) ggggrrrr so now way am I ever reading that series. Btch. which made Tug into an ass too.So I'm torn about what I'm expecting to happen next - him begging and such or her kicking him to the curve and us finding out that all that was manipulated by her and lots of stuff were fake. I won’t lie, when I first finished Tug, my initial response was “I don’t even know if I can review this book.” I even told one of my blog partners I wasn’t sure what I could say and I had no idea what rating to give this book. But, I always sleep on a book before I review. I let it sink in while I think about the ups and the downs. And for the first time, my initial reaction changed.My knee-jerk rating when I finished the book was somewhere between a 3.5-4. Not because the book wasn’t good because honestly, the book is amazing. But the ending had me reeling. My mind was running through all the different turns the next book could take and I was left with an uncomfortable feeling. But it’s been two days and I can’t stop thinking about the characters. I can’t stop imagining where the author is planning to take us in the next book. And that tells me the author did her job and she did it well.**From here on out, this review may contain spoilers for the first two books but not for Tug.I have read Irreparably Broken and Irreversible Damage and I’d fallen in love with Tug from the very beginning. Tug was the sweet younger brother who was head over heels for his older sisters best friend, Tori. I will be honest again and say that from the moment Tori first agreed to date Tug after fighting with Tug’s older brother, Brady, I lost all respect for her. To me, coming between brothers is inexcusable. It was not, however, enough to make me stop reading because I enjoyed the plot and the writing. I continued on to the second book, which included more of Tug and even more of him being strung along by Tori. In this book, Tug was a big part of the reason I continued reading. I worried about him and I wanted to comfort him.When I heard that KJ was writing Tug’s book, I was ecstatic! This is EXACTLY what I wanted! I wanted inside his head. I wanted to see him finally get his HEA because that’s what this poor guy deserves. He’s had to stand back and watch his brother, of all people, get the girl who owns his heart.And KJ, girl, you delivered.“Caring about someone causes trouble.”Tug is a powerful book about the love and importance of family and the healing that can only come when you finally open yourself up and allow yourself to be vulnerable.“The heart decides with a perseverance greater than human strength. The only problem with that is both my and Brady’s hearts chose the same girl, and mine is left with a gaping hole.”We get to watch, in a rotating dual POV, as two very different people on two very different paths in life figure out that our lives lead us to a certain person for a reason. It’s amazing to see how Maria and Tug slowly begin to let each other in and allow themselves to find comfort in the building relationship between them.Did Tug make mistakes? Absolutely. Did I get angry at him? Without a doubt. But, I understood him.I won’t blow the ending, I refuse to be that girl, but I was left staring at my iPad before I flipped back and reread the last few pages. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.But you can bet your ass I’ll be waiting for Tug #2!

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I don't understand ... It just ended and there are no further books? What a complete waste of time!

Totally cliffhanger!!! It's so frustrating! I need more Tug!

do I have to read the irresistible series before this one?

I need the next book ASAP! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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