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Turned At Dark (2011)

Turned at Dark (2011)

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1429996471 (ISBN13: 9781429996471)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Turned At Dark (2011)

Della has never been a favorite character of mine, but to see her before all this shit was brought on ... It's really very heartbreaking. In avoid way of course, considering you realize she actually did have feelings, and that she wasn't always a total pain in the ass. Not to mention - the cover is gorgeous, like I never pictured Della like that but to actually see her built up, even if it isn't exactly C.C.Hunter's picture well it really helps a lot. The Shadow Falls series is one of my all time favourite series, I'm on the 'Street Team' for the series to help promote it, It's just one of those series that captures your heart and mind.I downloaded this short story a while ago and was really excited to read it, but I had to finish the book I was reading then it ended up in my 'pile'. If you watched my TBR video I posted yesterday, I went through everything I had and I saw this listed. As it was only 32 pages I decided to dive in. C.C Hunters writing just grabs you and pulls you in. Within the first paragraph I was back into the world. This novella follows Della and shows us how she became a Vampire, when everything in her life changed. I always liked Della so it was great to see an insight into her past and how she dealt with it and why she ended up where she did and with the attitude she has.I want more like this, 32 pages passed in a flash and i wanted more.I'm now even more excited and looking forward to the newest book 'Chosen at Nightfall' which is due out this year in June! These characters have become like friends to me and I want to see what they are up to now. C.C Hunter is a wonder with words!If you haven't read this series yet, you are seriously missing out, find a copy of 'Born at Midnight (bk1) and get stuck in!

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A very short story about how Kylie's best friend Della becomes a vampire.

Fue una muy rara y larga(en realidad corta) precuela sin mucho encanto

I love Della Tsang! One of my favorite characters in this series. ♥

oh my Della.

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