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Tutto Da Capo (2011)

Tutto da capo (2011)

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8804605979 (ISBN13: 9788804605973)
Mondadori (Oscar)

About book Tutto Da Capo (2011)

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It's quite funny in parts and I loved that the three main characters ranged in age from almost 50 to 70 something. I thought the author captured the inner lives of the characters beautifully and wittily. I laughed in embarrassed sympathy rather often. I give it my well-written-enjoyable-read 5 stars, as distinct from my great-literature or my profound-comment-on-life 5-star ratings. If it had not been proudly listed in the description of this book, I would never have associated this whiney, weak-womaned novel with Sense and Sensibility at all. I'm sorry, Jane Austen, that anyone would use your genius work to compare this sorry excuse for a remake of your novel. I was intrigued by the idea of two sisters picking up and moving everything familiar in life to go live with their recently divorced mother in a cottage on the East Coast, but was sorely disappointed to discover that the characters of this novel were wavering, mismanaged, weak and self-pitying in the extreme.

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Cathleen Schine is the perfect author for a modernization of Jane Austen. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Well written, clever and humorous. I loved this family!

2-2.5 stars

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