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Twelve Dates Of Christmas (2008)

Twelve Dates of Christmas (2008)

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About book Twelve Dates Of Christmas (2008)

The first time I read this book, I was probably just starting high school. Now I'm well into college and I figured it was high time I gave this rom com another try. I don't remember loving it after my first read and that's mostly because younger me spent 90% of the book pissed off at the MC for getting herself into a stupid situation and then trying to reverse said situation the entire time.Of course, older me realizes that this an essential part of the plot and part of what makes this story prime time RomCom material. I have to say, I appreciated both the story and the MC considerably more this time around. Lexie was more well-rounded and level-headed than I remembered; she was very conscious about her scheming and how it would affect all of the people involved. I liked that she was cognizant of how a reconciliation with Cam based on lies would not be a reconciliation at all, and how she grew to value honesty and effective communication above all, because those are two essential elements of a strong relationship. I also enjoyed the whole "appreciating what one has lost after one has lost it" theme more than I did previously; at least Lexie was smart enough to acknowledge when she was wrong and to ask for help.Sure, some of the plot points were a little far fetched, but it was still very fun to read, not to mention festive! I thought, overall, it was an extremely cute book with a lot of comedic scenes, and it was just better than I recalled. I fully expected to dislike the writing style or the overall theme of the book, but, all in all, it was pretty likable. I'm glad I reread it, especially during this holiday season! This book is really good for this time of the year. This book is full of love and it is about Christmas. The setting is around December and it is based on Christmas. I love how the girl is so smart but yet she doesn’t care what people think of her. She is a little too intelligent that she lets her brain get the best of her. She makes a big mistake by letting go of her perfect boyfriend but i liked what she did to fix it. It proves that love can really change a person.

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The book had potential but kind of fizzled for me.

Oooooo loved the ending to this onerele good

I just could not warm up to this tale.

Is a great book to read

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