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Twilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until A Therapist Listened (2006)

Twilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until a Therapist Listened (2006)
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Twilight Children: Three Voices No On...
Twilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until A Therapist Listened (2006)

About book: As posted in []:How can you not love Torey Hayden? My aunt introduced my mother to Torey. My mother introduced me to her. I introduced my partner to her. I have all her books and have enjoyed them all. I just have one last book to read of hers, *The Very Worst Thing*. Torey is a teacher and a specialist in elective mutism. However, this book is a little different. She is now working a unit in a hospital. Although she works as a therapist, the teacher in her emerges from time to time.*Twilight Children* revolves around 3 stories:Cassandra is a bright girl. However, when she was 7 years old, her divorced father lured her into the car and abducted her for 2 years. Cassandra returned to her mother, abused and distrustful of anyone.Drake is a charismatic bright 4-year-old with a charming smile. The problem is that he doesn't talk to anyone, except to his mother. The grandfather doesn't make things easier for Torey because the grandfather expects magical results within a session.Gerda is an exception. A nurse has asked Torey a favor to look in and assess Gerda. The thing is that Gerda is 82. Torey has no experience in geriatrics. Nonetheless, she tries to work with Gerda. Gerda has suffered a stroke and has no one around to care for her. While Torey tries to help her talk, Gerda tells her of a haunting past.Rotating between the 3, Torey has to work with each individual and unique cases. I just love how Torey tells the story. I also love how she gives simple explanation of her assessment, theories and diagnoses. A couple of them were food for thoughts that I had to just share with other people for intellectual discussion. I love it when people are able to give you something substantial to think about.Torey did not disappoint me with this book. She still remains to be the best.

”Hiljaisuuden lapset” oli ensimmäinen lukemani Haydenin kirja, vaikka ne vaikuttavatkin melkoisen suosituilta, sillä olin hyvin ennakkoluuloinen kirjoja kohtaan. Isoin minua mietityttänyt asia oli kuinka todenmukaisina Haydenin kertomaa voidaan pitää, sillä ajalla on tapana kullata muistoja tai ainakin värittää niitä alkuperäisestä totuudesta poikkeaviksi. Aivan helppoja ratkaisuja kirjassa ei esitetty ja ainakin Cassandran tapaus oli hyvin kivulias vuosienkin jälkeen, mutta uskon jotain silottelua/viilausta tapahtuneen.Eikä Haydenin kolmea henkilöä käsitellyt romaani yllättänyt siinä mielessä, että ajallisesti kaikki tapahtumat sijoittuivat samalle jaksolle ja ihmettelen suuresti, jos hänen uransa kiintoisimmat tapaukset ovat onnistuneet osumaan yhdeen ryppääseen. Elämän luulisi sirottelevan asioita laajemmalle säteelle...Kirjassa sukellettiin taas aivan ihmeelliseen uuteen maailmaan, johon itse en ollut koskaan astunut ja voin myöntää suoraan, ettei minulla ollut harmaintakaan aavistusta siitä miten lapsipotilaita hoidetaan terapiassa. En kuitenkaan jaksanut juurikaan kiinnostua Haydenin kirjasta ja koin tarinoissa olevan pinnalla niin kiillotusta kuin sokerointia, vaikka Cassandran tapauksen jälkiseuraamukset kantavatkin vielä vuosien päähän.Minun mielenkiintoni ei tähän kirjaan riittänyt ja ainakaan tällä hetkellä en tunne suurtakaan kiinnostusta lukea muitakaan hänen kirjojaan...
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Written by a special education teacher and child psychologist, this book follows the stories of three patients. Each patient is complex and endearing in their own way. As you read, you not only feel for them but for Torey Hayden as she tries to help them find their way through their issues. It was a wonderful book that I couldn't put down. I couldn't walk away from hearing the story of each of these people. Every time the narrative switched between patients, I found myself both hating the interruption from the story of that patient and loving getting deeper into the story of the next.
Emily Moore
This book is a nonfiction piece. It is written by a therapist about three of her patients. Through out the story you see the troublesome backgrounds and experiences these patients have. As you read on you really get to know the author and the patients she had. In this book, I truly liked how it was set up. I love how Hayden portrayed her patients. My favorite character was Cassandra. She always made you laugh or cringe, sometimes all at once. The characters in this story felt so real, I felt like I actually knew them. This story kept you on your toes about what was truly wrong and what was going to happen next. I couldn't put this book down. I don't wish the ending was any different, what happened really closed the whole book off well.I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys a true heartfelt story. You go through hardships and it's like you enter Hayden's life as you read. I don't think I could compare this book to any other series or book I've read so far. This book is truly one of a kind from everything else I've read.
As always, Torey Hayden delivers a dynamic and fascinating success story of her dealings in the lives of disturbed or special ed children that keeps us on the edge of our seat. I read late into the night and finished this book the next day. While the author states on her website that "no" she is not able to help all children in her care, the stories of success are intriguing to tell. The depth of her wisdom and skill is magnificent as she uncovers the mysteries and searches to solutions to free a troubled child.
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