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Twilight Robbery (2011)

Twilight Robbery (2011)
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1405055391 (ISBN13: 9781405055390)
MacMillan Children's Books
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Twilight Robbery (2011)
Twilight Robbery (2011)

About book: What a wonderful read!I thoroughly enjoyed myself and laughed senseless during this delightful romp of a novel.Utterly unpredictable with a sharp, witty heroine albeit only 12 I think. The world building was soo good, so well crafted what with the concept of the Beloveds and Guilds. I love you Hardinge!I need to read the first novel though. I just picked up the novel because of its name and of course the idea of two towns in one. Toll-by-day and Toll-by-night. Each secreted away by the Locksmiths and each barely recognized by the other. There are a lot of potent issues which the author deals with but in such a disarming manner that one almost never notices. I adored Mosca Mye as much as Jean Finch aka Scout. HIGHLY recommended. Cheers! 3.5 stars. I'm not sure why this one didn't quite work for me, but it didn't.I didn't enjoy reading it. It felt long. It did pick up midway through. The last 200 pages was pretty enjoyable.Taking bets on who was evil would have definitely been a game to be played with this one. The plot was certainly very clever, and unbelievably intricate.The setting was well imagined. The dichotomy of Toll-by-day and Toll-by-night was fairly chilling. And the Locksmiths continue to be vaguely terrifying.I don't know, I think part of the problem was that I don't always connect to mosca herself. I really enjoyed her dynamic with Clent in this one though. That was well done. I also really liked Mistress Leap, the midwife, and her relationship with Mosca. A lot was well done. objectively, I should like it better than I do. And yet it didn't click with me. That is the unfortunate truth.Saracen, on the other hand, was his usual fabulous self.
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Not quite as endearing to me as FLY BY NIGHT, but still an admirably wonderful book.
What happens if instead of walking away from Omelas, you tear the whole city down?
the writing is absolutely beautiful. i loved it. :)
Even better then the first book
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