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Twist And Shout (2012)

Twist and Shout (2012)

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Read this book if you want. It's free, and you'll find out pretty quickly if it's for you or not. You'll probably enjoy it if it's one of those days where you find yourself crying at a fairy light that doesn't blip in time with all the other fairy lights because that means it isn't dancing in time with it's friends. I wasn't in that kind of place when I read Twist and Shout so I found myself having to take breaks from the eye strain of all the rolling they were doing.I can't be too harsh on Twist and Shout because I sort of figured I wasn't it's key audience, but, you know how it is. You've ploughed your way through the top 20 of a03's longest word counted, highest rated works and it's either widen your pool or start dipping into fandom pools that are an either/or situation with their angels and big men with big and angelic daddy issues. Straight away I just really wanted to do an alt+f replace on all of the Supernats related names. At what point may you as well just do it as a RPF so you can just claim their faces and not have to bother with character break at all? Nobody did anything in character. Everyone acted like 18 year olds. People did things, said things literally just to create drama. The reason I read this as opposed to a free/bargain bucket Amazon LGBTQ e-book is because I wanted Cas & Dean.There's nothing wrong with a bit of tear porn now and then. If that's literally all you're looking for, give this a shot. If you're looking for bittersweet/sad Castiel & Dean stories with a bit of length that'll really stick with you, there are a lot better out there. This piece of fanfiction made me cry like only few things have managed so far. I literally had to take breaks to wail and shake the feelings off only to be back on the track in two minutes. The love between Cas and Dean was very well expressed, I believed them everything and identified with them. However, and this is a big however for me which caused me to rate the fanfiction with only three stars instead of five, I didn't believe the feelings and the attitude of the characters later in the story. It was weird that there was no mention of Cas' anger towards Dean. Nobody tell me that he wasn't angry and that he didn't feel betrayed. That he didn't expect Dean to be back in a few days after he left, and that when he finally admitted he wouldn't, that it didn't shatter him. It must have, because he loved him so much and waited for him for so long only to have Dean leave him without a word. Another thing was Balthazar. He obviously loved Cas and cared for him deeply even though he knew he could never equal Dean. He stayed with Cas even though he knew he would never love him in a way he loved the man before him. And then he just leaves Cas, doesn't stay with him till the end, doesn't even go to the funeral? It seemed strange. Those characters and their particular actions were, in my opinion, too zen to be real. I know that the legacy of the story was that love is stronger than anything, that love trespasses time and space. I'm just saying that the story could have had all of it even without the, for me, unbelievable actions of the characters. Nevertheless, I "enjoyed" reading it and would recommend it to not only Destiel fans, but to anybody who needs a good tear-jerking love story :)

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Keep tissues near you at all times when reading this.Chapter 5 and I was already crying oceans.

yes, this is a Supernatural fanfiction. BUT IT WAS LIKE 300 PAGES, IT COUNTS AS A BOOK, OKAY.

this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me

Everything hurts and I'm not okay


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