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Two Lines: A Novella (2011)

Two Lines: A Novella (2011)
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Two Lines: A Novella (2011)
Two Lines: A Novella (2011)

About book: Only a short story but packed with action and a good plot. Another Fae child wanting to retain her humanity while her Fae family want her to become full Fae. I felt bad for her and the good love interest Cillian. I wished he was something that would allow him to be with her but sadly not. If you like the Wicked Lovely series you should read this. It's different characters from the series but the same sort of dilemma's in some respects. "Two lines are all that stand between who she is and who she wants to be . . . and Eve will need all her self-control not to cross them both"Two Lines is a novella by Melissa Marr which is set in the Wicked Lovely world.It doesn't have any of the main characters from the original books series in it (I don't think so anyway, I've only read the first two).Two Lines follows Eavan, born to a family of Glaistig and trying her hardest not to turn into one herself. There are two things that Eavan must stay away from in order to keep herself from turning, killing someone and having sex. Eavan has kept herself almost human for this long, she isn't going to let herself turn now.But when her grandmother hires someone as a "bodyguard" for Eavan, she sees right through it for what it really is. Her grandmother has hired someone to tempt her.Eavan is also chasing after a hottie who has been drugging girls in clubs in order to find out what he is up to and what exactly he is planning to do with these girls.I really enjoyed this short story. It was a bit darker and more adult that her Wicked Lovely series, and her writing style is memorising, I was sucked right into the story!I enjoyed the fact that it was a short story, I think if Melissa made it any longer it wouldn't work the same and draw me in as much.It is a bit faced paced, but again it is only a short story so it kinda needs to be, I can see that.I would have liked it to maybe be a bit longer, say 10 pages or so just so we can see a bit more about Evan and her family.Apart from that though it was a really great short story, and it's actually made me want to go back and finish reading the Wicked Lovely series.
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great book, although I think it had the potiental to be a full size book:)
Different, dark, and sexy. I love Melissa Marr's stories.
The story was waaay to complex to tell in a novella...
Great story.
I liked it.
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