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Ugly Love (2014)

Ugly Love (2014)

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I can't even with this book ... it's PERFECT. It has EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you'll ever want in a novel ... angst, passion, strong heroine and a make-me-weak-in-the-knees hero.I wanna watch the sunrise.I wanna watch it for MILES.I wanna unread this book, just so I can read it again.This Book Was Epically FantasticFive.Stars. What an amazing read. I love these No Strings Attached books. They have loads of sweet, dramatic, emotional and angsty moments, like this book did. Colleen Hoover always has these great books but there is always something that prevents me from giving them 5 stars. She likes to be artsy and different in her narrative style and it was a miss for me in this book. I loved everything about it, except for the character of Rachel. It would have been perfect if she was cut out. When you read about these two cute characters falling in love the last thing you want is to have chapters about some other woman shoved in your face all the time. The author spent too long building up Miles' back story, in these weird chapters. It made everything a bit too dramatic and dragged out. So I took away a star for that. But Miles and Tate were lovely together.

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Ugly Love was an amazing journey! Heart wrenchingly beautiful! A 5 star read!

Not a terrible book by any means, but it made my heart hurt so much.

just fantastic, another lovely readoh Miles......


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