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Ultimate Happiness Prescription (2000)

Ultimate Happiness Prescription (2000)

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This book contains a loooot of Feedback. Its one of those books that leave you thinking, willing to change, give space to self-improvement... it makes you CONSCIOUS, really CONSCIOUS of the right now right here. This are the notes I took on it... I thought writing them would help a lot on the hard part of making them part of me since this very moment. “We all make choices; the hard part is living with them…”“Human beings are not passive observers of the Cosmos, the entire universe is manifesting through you in this very moment (…) This power flows through consciousness, so that every time you make conscious about something, whether internal or external, you amplify you power in the Universe.”“Instead of pursuing your own ideal self-image, give up to simplicity and to the innocence of being. Once you know who you really are, being is enough. There is no need to fight no more.”“We shouldn't forget what its real and it’s illusory: Abundance is real, scarcity is illusory. Being good is real; trying to be good is illusory. Give up is real, hang on is illusory. This moment is real, the past and the future are illusory. You are real; who you think you are is illusory.”“Since Ego is a tighten version of my true self, you get the feeling of rigidity and contraction of the body. You usually feel this in your chest, in your heart, in the stomach, solar plexus, shoulders, neck or in your back.”“Toxic emotions tend to be in one of the chakras. You feel Anger in the intestines, nervousness in the stomach, fear in your heart, frustration in your throat, sexual tension in the genital area.”“Life is complicated and it gets more complicated every time; or is simple and it gets simpler every time.”“When you stop insisting on being right you access to a huge among of energy (…) it doesn't mean you have no opinion but you can quit to the need of defending it.”“If you see the world with judgment and no love, it will be the world in which you’ll live.”“When you feel tempted to obey your Ego, go apart and ask yourself the next questions: Which one is the most love full option? Which one brings peace? What kind of energy I’m generating? Am I acting from believe or disbelieve? Do I feel what the other one is feeling? Am I able to give not expecting to receive?”“With love you live life spontaneously. Whatever happens next is the right thing. What you need in the deepest level you automatically get it.”“No, you don’t exist to support your mind; your mind exists to support you”“If you don’t like what goes on around you, don’t try to “fix it”, is like if you were trying to polish a mirror trying to change what is reflecting from it. To change what you see you must release a message from the fount (…) There is a basic state beyond time and space that designs, controls and creates everything that happens in the space-time.”“The highest level of consciousness is the pure Self. We can see it in the innocence of a child: there is spontaneity, fascination, joy and self-confidence.”“They are in the highest level of emotion: kindness, compassion, satisfaction for other ones success and equanimity, peace.”“Habits like preoccupation, anxiety, planning and fantasy are the result of the disconnection to our pure Self. (…) Before trying to manipulate your thoughts or the situation, give a step back and re-connect with yourself.”“When I quit, I’ll heal and cooperate the flow of the Universe”“The secret of the Illuminated Happiness is: as a support of the Creation, your roll is being and nothing else. With no effort at all.”“Emotions like love, compassion, empathy and joy bring back to the body to a state of equilibrium known as Homeostasis, in which Self-Healing mechanisms are activated, getting as a result a Biological Healing.”“The most important contribution I can make for the healing of our planet is being happy (…) the more intense is your happiness, the better will be the healing effect.”“The way to happiness starts and ends in ourselves.”I loved the book. It gave me a lot. Its my first Deepak Chopra book and we'll see how the rest of his books work for me or if I work for them :) في هذا الكتاب الخفيف في الكم (١٣٤) صفحه، العميق في الفكرة يناقش الدكتور ديباك تشوبرا السعادة وكيفية الوصول لمرحلة السعادة الدائمة. بحيث يكون كل ماتقوم به في حياتك من إنجاز او إبداع نابع من ذلك الشعور المستمر بالسعادة. بعض الناس يظن ان الوصول للسعادة ناتج عن تحقيق إنجاز او ثروة او نجاح في مرحلة حياتية معينة. لكن ديباك يرى ان هذا خلط للمفهوم وضبابيه في الرؤية فلكي تنجز وتبدع وتحب لابد ان تكون سعيدا من الداخل. فالسعادة هي الطريق الحقيقي للنجاح. لتحقيق تلك السعادة يرى ديباك ان هناك سبعة مفاتيح يجب ان تكون مدركا ،ومطبقا لها في حياتك حتى تصل لهذه المرحلة. كتاب جميل ومفيد يستحق القراءة.

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I really felt happier while reading the book :]It gives good advice I'm planning to follow

One of the best Deepak books I've read

Great message, as always.


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