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Um Amor Em Segunda Mão (2010)

Um Amor em Segunda Mão (2010)

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About book Um Amor Em Segunda Mão (2010)

I loved the English setting and flavor of this fictional historic book. The main character owns a vintage clothing store in England and finds herself involved in personal relationships that develop into lasting life lessons.The novel has many layers that flow throughout and the descriptions of the timeless pieces of clothing made me wish pictures were added as a visual reference. In fact, I am planning on looking for a vintage store in my area and secretly wish to find this particular paradise in England someday. This is not a "junk food for your brain" type of story and was surprisingly sucked into a plot that made for an enjoyable summer read with a realistic ending...refreshing indeed! Three and a half stars. Feeling guilty over what she perceives as her part in her friend Emma’s death, Phoebe quits her job at Sotheby’s and opens her own business called Village Vintage, where she sells vintage clothes and accessories. Phoebe likes the idea that vintage clothes have a story and she finds plenty to interest here when she meets Therese Bell . Therese starts to tell her a story about her Jewish friend from World War, and a child’s sky blue coat which Therese refuses to part with. Over the course of hearing the story which is interrupted by Therese’s ill health, the two women become friends.Even though I am not into vintage clothes, I found the details of clothes interesting, if a little intrusive for my taste. But maybe if you have a thing for vintage clothes you will enjoy it. This story is more about friendship, guilt, regret and loss than it is about romance, which is just as well in my opinion. Miles is an idiot for giving in to his daughter Roxy all the time, at the expense of other relationships. I couldn’t understand why Phoebe would be interested in him anyway. If I thought Hannah was bad in The Cornish House Roxy was even worse. She is a thoroughly unlikeable girl and a spoiled brat! Phoebe’s mother was just as clueless and annoying, though in a different way. Dan and Annie are interesting characters and the relationship that develops between Therese and Phoebe and this story there is far more interesting than what goes on between Phoebe and Miles.

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A good listen to pass the time while sewing or gardening.

Sweet story. Kind of depressing at times. cute though.

I really enjoyed this book. Well written & a good read.

I enjoyed reading this book.

loved it

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