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Un Drôle D'ami (2013)

Un drôle d'ami (2013)

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For his eleventh birthday, James Pompaday receives a pen-and-ink set from his artist father who is divorced from his mother. James doesn't know what to do with the set but a beetle named Marvin, who lives in the Pompaday's New York City apartment, decides to give James a present of an original drawing using the ink. Everyone, except James, believes he drew the picture and is a gifted artist. Suddenly he's whisked off to the Metrapolitan Museum of Art to view Albrecht Durer's work, and is recruited to foil an art heist by drawing a replica of Durer's drawing. But James needs Marvin and Marvin discovers a twist in the art heist and solves the mystery. I enjoyed the history mystery and although the Durer drawings in the story are a product of the author's imagination, readers will learn about artists, the mediums they use, and the world of art. We had to read this book as part of a reading program at school. I read it out loud each night for the month of March. It's a cute story, very reminiscent of The Cricket in Times Square. As we were reading, there were definitely key discussion points like what makes a good friend? Why are the Pompadays so unlikeable? How can we compare Marvin's family to James's family? Throughout the month, I did have to question whether this book would work as a read-aloud for kindergartners and first graders. My fourth grader had to stop me in several places to explain to her what was going on.

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an Amazing book about Marvin the beetle. anyone who loves art Mysteries would like this book.

Very creative tale. Fun for the whole family as an audiobook

it was cute

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