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Un Giorno Solo, Tutta La Vita (2011)

Un giorno solo, tutta la vita (2011)

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About book Un Giorno Solo, Tutta La Vita (2011)

I would say this book is definitely worth reading. I liked the way the main characters told the story; however, I found Lenka's story written in a way that did not draw me into her character or to the story. However, Josef's story was almost poetic and passionate.Another positive point was the information about one group of artists at Terezin (there were also many scholars and writers, who, along with the visual artists, organized intensive cultural activities - orchestras, opera, theater, light entertainment and satire); for readers who know nothing or very little about the concentration camps (and this Jewish ghetto), the information Richman provided with be very interesting.I really liked Alison Richman's writing. In this book, it is beautiful...maybe more worth the read than the story itself. I think 2 1/2 stars is probably right, IMHO. I would recommend it to those interested in reading books in this period, but it will not be added to my TBR AGAIN stack. Yes, I liked it, but I didn't love the story enough to want to read it again. This story touched my soul. The author involved all of my senses as it was written with much passion! I now have added Prague and Terezin to places I must visit.As with many books written for this time period, I am still baffled of how one human could treat another human being. There was so much humanity lost in this time period and yet many found their strength and the goodness that was in them. "I have come to believe that love is not a noun but a verb. An action. Like water, it flows to its own current. If you were to corner it in a dam, true love is so bountiful it would flow over. Even in separation, even in death, it moves and it changes. It lives within memory, in the haunting of a touch, the transience of a smell, or the nuance of a sigh."I would have loved to hear more about their meeting again and what happened afterward. By then, my senses were on overload and my heart may have not been able to take it!!I strongly recommend this book.

Do You like book Un Giorno Solo, Tutta La Vita (2011)?

Loved it. Beautiful story with fascinating characters. Heartbreaking but also uplifting.

There are no words to tell how much I loved this book. PERFECTION.

Beautiful Story...Beautiful Writing...A Four Star Read!!!

Beautifully written!

Sweet story

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