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Un Livre (French Edition) (2000)

Un Livre (French Edition) (2000)

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2747032302 (ISBN13: 9782747032308)
Bayard Jeunesse

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I taught an augmented reality class in early May to Kindergarten and First Graders. I introduced it with this read aloud book. Honestly it can be so easy for Kindergartners to believe that the colored balls in this book are really moving. This book makes them giggle and laugh. We did all kinds of predicting from one page to the next about what the balls would do. It was so much more fun than I expected it would be. This book is simple, yet cleverly done.After reading this book aloud, I used the iPads with the app loaded on there called coLar mix. We did the dot which you can print out in advance, from their website. Each child colors there dot with decorations of their choice using crayons, then with the free app, they make it come alive with augmented reality. They watch it spin and jump around. It's really fun and easy. This is what I would call a learning book. It is not a cutesy book that you would buy to sit down with your child and enjoy the pictures. The illustrations here are merely colored dots. But with those dots, the author teachers colors, numbers, cause and effect, and left from right. The learning is subtle and it is fun. If I had a classroom or a child age 7 and below, I would buy this book as a teaching tool.

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LOVE this children's book! Bought it for my nephew and can't wait to buy one for my future child

Very creative book that kids love. Will keep children of all ages engaged and entertained.

i love to give this book as a gift to children. it's so fun and interactive!


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