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Un Vestito Color Del Vento (2014)

Un vestito color del vento (2014)

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8867021990 (ISBN13: 9788867021994)

About book Un Vestito Color Del Vento (2014)

I absolutely loved the storytelling style and voice of this literary novel. It captivated me from the beginning. For some reason, my mind kept thinking it was a historic novel (perhaps from the cover), yet every once in a while, something like a cell phone in the story line would jar me into the present. (but that is my error, not necessarily a flaw with the writing.) I would have like to have seen the paranormal elements played out a bit more. I wasn't quite sure of them and their overall strength in the lives of the characters, even by the end of the book.I also felt a couple story lines were left unfinished, but overall, I will look for more books from this author. My impression at the beginning was that the eponymous dress was the beginning of the story... however, the dress really didn't come up until it served as the catalyst for the climax of the book. (Which slightly annoyed me -- I kept looking for the dress and it didn't show up until close to the end.)The book's structure was all over the place, jumping between times and viewpoints... it did eventually come together in a way that made sense, but for roughly the first half of the book, I was somewhat confused. There wasn't much plot; it was more about character exploration.

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A dress-making version of Chocolat. Light, frothy, the perfect book to see me through a cold.

RUBBISH! Dont bother inflicting the boredom of this on yourself.

Beautiful story, really moving. Loved it x

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