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Una Dama Nunca Miente (2013)

Una dama nunca miente (2013)

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About book Una Dama Nunca Miente (2013)

I read this because the author is coming to our library in August. The three books in this series are based on Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost as well as Verdi's opera Don Carlo. I did not know this before I read this book but it helps explain the sense of coincidence and humorous situations that characters found themselves in that I found annoying at times. I really got tired of everything just falling into place and everything working out just so. I didn't feel like there was much driving the plot to motivate me to return to the story. I really liked Phineas Burke as the scientist/lover but Lady Alexandra Morley just irritated me and I can't really say why. This book was one of the best romance novels I've read in a long time. I really enjoyed all the characters, and the plot was, while a bit light, fun and interesting. Plus, there was a primitive motorcar race! Who could beat that? The romance was cute and believable, and it didn't feel recycled the way many romance novels do. And hey, the romance novel genre needs more strong females. I can't wait to read the rest of this series, and possibly more by this author.

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Another sick day read, and entertaining enough. I'm not sold on the overlapping sequels bit though.

I think I've just found the front runner for best debut romance. What a fun book!

I absolutely loved this book could not put it down, so much laughter and romance.

DNF at 23%It bored me to death, I don't like the characters or the writing.

4,5 en realidad

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