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Una Morte Sospetta (2011)

Una morte sospetta (2011)

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About book Una Morte Sospetta (2011)

Another purchase from a local "Ladyeez Do Comics" event (Spring 2013 in Bristol) from speaker Hannah Berry. This, her first graphic novel, is a dark noir following a morose private investigator (Britten) and his partner who is a talking teabag (Brülightly). There is an underlying absurdity that pulls the gritty and twisting mystery into a unique and appealing world. Visually it's stunningly rendered and has a palpable physicality - Britten resembles a character from Chomet's Triplets of Belleville (and is frequently mistaken for being French presumably as an acknowledgment to this) - the moody greytones never quite spill over into full black-and-white and some of the more rainwashed scenes are breathtakingly atmospheric. The lettering is all freehand as well - and mostly works well although Britten's inner monologue is in a fussy joined-up handwriting that is sometimes difficult to read - and also the placement of some passages go against the reader's eye. This doesn't occur frequently however and it is not enough to prevent it being a thoroughly absorbing and remarkably unique graphic novel that marks Berry as a name to shout about. Her second book, an out-and-out horror called Adamtine, is going straight on my to-buy list. Imagine a slightly unhinged and downbeat Hercule Poirot winding up in a Hammett plot set in a wet and mundane England. If that sounds good then you'll probably enjoy this slightly old-fashioned feeling noir.Not sure the device of the talking teabag adds much. It helps with exposition a bit, but feels like an early idea that was neither fully explored nor excised.This is very atmospheric and enjoyable, and beautiful to boot. Not entirely successful and the plot felt more complex than it actually was, but still a very original and impressive debut.

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Disappointing - with so many good graphic novels out there, this one you can pass over.

Amazing. Stunning. This is really a symbol of what the art form can do.

Nice graphic mystery, but nothing remarkable.


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