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Una Prateria Straniera (2013)

Una prateria straniera (2013)

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1613727798 (ISBN13: 9781613727799)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Una Prateria Straniera (2013)

This is the fourth book in the Range series and I for one love to revisit Wyoming and the hot and hunky men that call it home.Willie Meadows needs a place where he can just be Wilson Edwards. The ranch he just bought in Wyoming is that place, the place where he can hopefully re-connect to the music again. And maybe re-connect with himself too.Steve Peterson shows up at the ranch expecting a job only to find out that the ranch has been sold and no longer has any horses for him to work with. After the hell that Steve escaped from he can't go back.Can one ranch be the salvation both men are looking for?This is a beautiful addition to the Range series. The connection between Wilson and Steve is real and powerful. The way they protect each other was wonderful to read. Steve protecting Wilson from the outside world and the possibility of losing his career if their relationship ever got out, and Wilson protecting Steve from the very real threat that his father poses.Strong new and recurring secondary character's added more "family" to the story. I loved Maria and Alicia and how they gave the ranch that homey feel. The threat of Steve's father and "hospital" made me sick but gave the story a realness and an edge that made the book even better.Mr. Grey is the master at building sexual tension between his character's but there is always the emotional attachment as well that just makes the romantic in me give a deep and satisfied sigh at the end of his books.If you are looking for a quick romantic read about some emotionally guarded but hunky cowboys then saddle up and take a ride on the Range series. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this title as much as the others in the series, so I requested it from lendle. It was pretty good, not the worst installment of the series, in my opinion, though nowhere near as good as the first two, and Volatile. There was an age gap in this one as well, but it didn’t bother me due to the fact that the younger man in this has been through hell and it has aged him drastically. He knows what he wants, and he goes for it, there is not manipulation or force involved.So if you are looking for the warm fuzzies this series is full of them!

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Audible edition:Story - 3 starsPerformance - 2 starsOverall - 2.5 stars

I totally loved it!!! A great addition to the Range series...

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