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Unbeautifully (2013)

Unbeautifully (2013)
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Madeline Sheehan
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Unbeautifully (2013)
Unbeautifully (2013)

About book: A little less violent or crude than the first book... We got a more constant stream into the romantic relationship of Danny and Ripper which is different from the time jumps in the first book. We also got to see more of Deuce's & Eva's relationship and how what happened with Frankie at the ending of the first book affected them all.This one was a really fast and enthralling read. I started it yesterday around 9 or 10 am and finished it in less than 12hrs. Going to start book 3 now, so I'll keep you posted... :oD Madeline does it again. The Horsemen MC keeps finding trouble, redemption and love. Now it's time to know about Danny (Deuce's daughter) and Ripper. Love is something hard to find and in that world is harder, the moment you do, you better hold on it tight and never let it go. This is what happens to Ripper, finds love in Danny's arms but he's really scared of it and, let's be real, Deuce. Their journey isn't easy, you can see the ups and downs, but love is worth it.I love how the different POV are presented and how the flow without being repetitive. At the same time, Deuce and Eva relationship struggles and we get to find out how they got to the Epilogue of Undeniable. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.I love the book, the characters and the story. This series keeps getting better and better. There's happiness, pain, heartache, violence and the most important, redemption.
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wow again!!! another 5* from me,seriously addictive,I loved Ripper
Ripper and Danny. Wow. Keep the books coming.
This book was ok, not one of my favorites.
Not as good as #1 but....still very good.
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