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Unbillable Hours: A True Story (2010)

Unbillable Hours: A True Story (2010)
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1607146290 (ISBN13: 9781607146292)
Kaplan Publishing
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Unbillable Hours: A True Story (2010)
Unbillable Hours: A True Story (2010)

About book: I loved the true story of this 1st year law professional who undergoes an epiphany after volunteering for a pro-bono assignment that carries on for four years. As a former professional at an international CPA firm, I can appreciate the pressure to reach lofty (and sometimes unachievable) levels of billable hours for the firm. It leaves one with an empty feeling about the work and its purpose. In fact, Maria Montessori and her belief that work defines the meaning of an individual would delight in this story. In my opinion, Unbillable Hours was not well-written (as in a professional, well-publisher author)...but that is ok, since it is autobiographical and the charm comes from its ordinary, everyday perspective on life. I personally could not put the book down. Easy read and fast. I recommend! Mario's Story is an award-winning documentary telling the same story. True story about life as a young, freshly-schooled attorney working the endless, mind-numbing grind in a Los Angeles law firm…If this is what it’s really like at these fancy-smancy mucho ritzy firms, I can’t imagine how anybody sticks with it and becomes a partner. INTERESTING true story from someone that has lived it. I liked it and had no idea the amount of blood, sweat and tears these young lawyers go through. I especially enjoyed it because it was a written by the actual guy. —Recommended.
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Enjoyable look at the path I didn't choose out of law school for all the reasons he left.
This book reads like a Suits script, only here it's all real. Enjoyed it a lot.
Well written, good story, heartfelt- great download for the IPAD!
A1one of those books you can't put down
Quick interesting read
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