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Uncanny Avengers Volume 2: The Apocalypse Twins (2014)

Uncanny Avengers Volume 2: The Apocalypse Twins (2014)

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0785166041 (ISBN13: 9780785166047)

About book Uncanny Avengers Volume 2: The Apocalypse Twins (2014)

I don't understand why so many current writers put together teams of characters who seem to hate and despise each other, constant arguing and backbiting. They're unpleasant people I don't want to spend any time with. Plus, these characters are shifted out of character to make them that way. Thor, Captain America, Sunfire, and Wolverine are close to how I'm used to seeing them, but everyone else has had a personality transplant. It doesn't help that the villains of this arc are among my least favorites. I liked the idea of the Uncanny Avengers, but the first volume left me underwhelmed. There is a lot of angst within the group, especially between Rogue and Wanda, which underlies the reality that these people are not truly a team – yet. Plus, the Red Skull was just an uninspired and boring choice of villain. Volume two has a much more interesting antagonist in the form of the Apocalypse Twins. They have been manipulated by Kang the Conqueror but branch out of their own to bring The Rapture to Mutantkind and separate the two species permanently. Their plan involves a lot of space-time manipulation, which simultaneously ties into the dark pasts of Thor and Wolverine, and presents a formidable threat to the team. However, the previous in-fighting reaches a new level when the members split over whether lethal action is ever the right solution (guess which side Wolverine is on?). There is a lot more going on in this volume that keeps a reader interested and fleshes out how these personalities work together (or don’t).While I much prefer these new villains, the story was also somewhat confusing. Red Skull just sort of disappears from the series without any explanation and more than once while reading I felt like I was missing something about the Twins. Since I have encountered the Apocalypse Twins in Hickman’s Avengers series, I’m guessing that this is somehow related to the Infinity crossover and there are threads of the plot elsewhere that weren’t adequately integrated in this series. It made this volume challenging to read.Despite the continuity issue, this volume was much improved over “The Red Shadow” and has renewed my interested in the series. Overall, recommended!

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A little better then the first volume but still way to wordy/preachy for my liking.

maybe kind of harsh but I literally only skimmed the last bit. just didn't care.

Now things are getting better.

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