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Uncanny X-Men Volume 2: Broken (2014)

Uncanny X-Men Volume 2: Broken (2014)

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About book Uncanny X-Men Volume 2: Broken (2014)

I absolutely love what Bendis is doing on both of his X-men titles. The two are wonderful foils for one another and Bendis is doing what I feel is his best work since the beginnings of Ultimate Spider-man. Unfortunately either Chris Bachalo cannot keep to a solid schedule or Marvel really enjoys making bad decisions on artists to team-up with Bachalo, or both. Frazier Irving is an incredibly talented artist, but just as in Volume 1 of this series the issues he takes on are just hard to get through. Bachalo has the tone for this book, Irvign doesn't. However, besides the difficulty of the art shifts it is still great story writing. Collects Uncanny X-Men issues #6-11I really, really like the team-building that is happening. The new mutants are really growing on me. Tempus’ time powers are amazing, and Goldballs is hilarious. Hijack is a cool name, and has a really useful power. Also extremely useful is Triage. The only character I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to know very well yet is Benjamin, with the chameleon-like powers. I like the mystery that is happening in this volume when it comes to, “Who is sending the super Sentinels, and how do they always know where Scott’s X-Men are going to show up?” Even though it is interesting that the original Angel joined Scott’s team, he has been basically a non-issue as a team member. His involvement hasn’t led to anything important…yet. “Battle of the Atom” is next!I haven’t mentioned this anywhere else yet, but Magneto’s new costume is pretty cool, as is Cyclops’.

Do You like book Uncanny X-Men Volume 2: Broken (2014)?

The artwork is spectacular in this volume! Simply awe-inspiring to look at, love the color palette!

This was absolutely fantastic!! Artwork and writing are superb.

I have to mark it down for the artwork in the last two issues.

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