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Under The Aspens (The Aspen Series) (2012)

Under the Aspens (The Aspen Series) (2012)

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About book Under The Aspens (The Aspen Series) (2012)

Got it free on Amazon and thought it might be a nice little heartwarming story. Wrong. It was very fast-paced and an action/romance/thriller very typical and mainstream these days. Simple story line, but still good. I was disappointed with the main heroine jumping into bed so easily with a man on the first night they spend together. Before an I love you is even said, they are in bed. While that may be "normal" behavior these days, I still like to read of female characters with a bit more class and self-respect. It lost points for me on that one. I also didn't care for the sex scenes so skipped over those. The main character's story lines were well developed and I liked some of the details. Overall, I think it was a good book for a quick-read, but not if you're looking for an in-depth life-changing novel. As a self-published author, I can overlook the few grammatical errors. They aren't really a big deal to me as they don't interfere with the story. Won't be recommending, but I did enjoy it, minus the sex scenes. This is possibly the worst book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read my share of bad ones. I made it to the middle of Chapter 2 and that was enough for me. The style of writing was juvenile and read like a bad play, complete with stage direction and boring dialogue. I closed the curtain on this one.Don’t waste your time. There’s no intrigue here, and the only mystery is—why did I bother? I read the reviews. I should’ve known better. Amazon best sellers rank #570 free. Is this a joke?

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Could have been good. It was rushed and poorly executed. Too many story gaps to make room for sex.

Didn't like it. Couldn't finish it.

Quick, light mystery romance.


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