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Unendlich Wir (2000)

Unendlich wir (2000)
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Unendlich Wir (2000)
Unendlich Wir (2000)

About book: Didn't continue after the middle. Too many coincidences that got ridiculous and poked one's eye. Plus, it's like the book doesn't know how banks work or how telephones work. Because with one phonecall, this whole thing would've been avoided.Also:-No sexual chemistry between the leads.-Boring/repetitive after the beginning.-Nothing. Happened. At all.-Preachiness considering religion.Only thing I liked was the beginning, the characters before they just started looking dumb, and Finn's real name. That's all, folks. Great story - two unlikely people end up on a journey across the country. One is running away from his past and the other just wants to curl up & die. It is a very intense story about a boy who lost his brother and a girl who lost her sister. The circumstances of the deaths are unrelated but the strange way that the two characters come together is pretty interesting. It is a pretty good story, not very realistic but a beautiful story nonetheless. The research done for this book was good. Lot's of math and theories intertwined with a story of hopelessness, grief and fear.
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Merece estrellas infinitas e infinitos lectores para alabar tan buen libro...
It didn't grab me like Making Faces but I still enjoyed it.
A little far fetched but still a cute book. I enjoyed it
Fun summer read.
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