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Unexpected Demands (2012)

Unexpected Demands (2012)

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3.5 stars. Liked the build up to the relationship in this one, which is pretty rare for wolf books. I liked both Aaron and Zach too, and liked that the Aaron was not too alpha. But I would have liked him to have more confidence at times, and as other reviewers have noted this seemed out of place given him in the previous book in this series. The other thing I liked about this book was that it was not just all sex, the other story was just as strong, and interesting, but at the same time, I was waiting for that 'wow' moment that never came. Nice, but not wow. Aaron is now the pack leader and the backlash for accepting a gay wolf in his new pack is coming back to bite him. Now Aaron has a secret of his own in that he has been living in the closet for many years, but having young Zach living in his home is too much of a temptation, a temptation that cannot been denied for long. I really enjoyed Zach’s part in this story and his struggles. Normally I would find a twenty-year age gap disturbing, but as these wolves live for a very long time it was easier to ignore. Overall, this was a good read, but the kidnapping story was a little long in the tooth. This story was a little less romantic then the first story, but the relationship between Aaron and Zach was slow building and sweet. It did not end in a happily ever after as much as a happy for now.

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Hmm I wonder if Zach and Aaron's mate bonding would bein a book if it's own? I hope so.

Interesting read, but not enough about the mc's relationship for my liking

3.5 stars


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