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Unexpected Husband, The: Jury Of His Peers And Any Sunday (2012)

Unexpected Husband, The: Jury of His Peers and Any Sunday (2012)

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1455867268 (ISBN13: 9781455867264)
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About book Unexpected Husband, The: Jury Of His Peers And Any Sunday (2012)

A quick read that was simply okay. I found it incredibly frustrating that both heroines were whiny and selfish. Caroline did not care that her reasons for disliking Tedious Ted stemmed from a very juvenile time in her life - and even then they had been unreasonable. However with her there was an underlying factor, however poor it was. Marjorie Majors on the other hand had absolutely no excuse for her childish behaviour and poor treatment of the hero. At least none that were divulged to the reader. Both of these stories were lacking in real emotion or credibility for me. I wanted both Murphy and Ted to walk away, and look for someone worthy of their attentions, and I almost always side with the heroines! I finished the first of two stories in this book. I am listening to it on cd. The first book is "Jury of his peers". It was so annoying that I couldn't wait to finish it. Caroline was so childish and mean to Ted, I can't believe he would want to spend any time with her let alone love her. The premise of the story was ok, but the journey to get to the end was torturous. I like Debbie, but this was not one of her better stories. Hopefully the second story is better. I finished reading the second story, "Any Sunday". This story was a little more tolerable. It was definitely better than the first and the only reason the book got 3 stars. Marjorie was more tolerable than Caroline and I liked Sam. Glad this book is over, hopefully it was a reprint of earlier work. If not, I don't look forward to future writings. Debbie is too good for this.

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My Friday night go to books when I want something easy, light hearted and puts a smile on my face.

Fast read. Good characters. Exactly what a reader expects from Debbie Macomber.

I love Any Sunday but jury of his peers was a tad boring

Light and fluffy stories.

loved this book.

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