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Unfiltered & Unlawful (2014)

Unfiltered & Unlawful (2014)

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1494864681 (ISBN13: 9781494864682)
Payge Galvin

About book Unfiltered & Unlawful (2014)

I thoroughly enjoy the description of Adam,one of the main characters in this book. Not only physically. He's loyal and persistent. Has values that are anything but what is in today's society. I like that he's not the "norm". Though his looks scream exactly what he's not. I think I like this book because the story is a bit realistic in the way we self destruct when it comes to love. This is a quick read. The story fires of a plot gripper from the beginning. It gets a bit predictable towards the end. But it was still a good read. Main hero/heroine: I love Adam. He's definitely the guy girls drop their panties for and he is so sweet and charming you would just fall for him. Sugar... I don't actually like her attitude but I guess I can't judge that cuz I don't really know what type of life drug addicts face. Sugar just keeps coming back to trouble like a moth to a flame and just when she hits that fire, she burns the people around her, especially Adam. This is one aspect of her that I am annoyed. I feel like she doesn't deserve Adam. Romance:The's complicated. Not really that intense. and a bit frustrating. But once you get through all that crazy shiz, and the actual perks of being in love, surfaces, i guess the romance between Adam and Sugar is sweet and touching. Storyline/story: The story is kept short and I like that. The concept is new to me and reading the part where 'the crime' took place was exhilarating. I felt like one of the accomplices and there I was imagining driving the getaway car. Nice. The pace of the story was slow in the beginning, then intense in the middle, then back to slow. There wasn't much of a cliffhanger for me cuz the ending didn't make me demand the next book come out NOW! Maybe others feel differently, but that was it for me. A great read. good story. could have been better. Maybe Adam should be less soft and sugar be more independent? i don't know..

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Just not my cup of tea. The heroine was nearly impossible to like.

Not a bad book but I didn't like the h at all.

Very good

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