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Unholy Ghosts (2010)

Unholy Ghosts (2010)

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0345515579 (ISBN13: 9780345515575)
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About book Unholy Ghosts (2010)

so I'm not sure what to say. it's definitely something. I liked the world building, but it is a very gloomy world. Therefore it is difficult to read, i think with such a setting need some funny lines to make it lighter. Also fore the fist 100 pages I was really bored, neither the story nor the character succeeded to capture my attention. Still it got the three stars because once I made it through the 100 pages, the story line captured me. Like I said before the world building is really good and the characters have many layers. well I'm interested to continue. I became immersed in this underground society of drug lords and ghost hunters. I felt the author did a wonderful job of creating a unique world in which ghosts were acknowledged but banished. (Love the matter-of-fact way people accepted the existence of ghosts.) I could stretch forth my hand and touch the dank walls of the underground tunnels and tenement stairways. The author painted the sights, sounds and smells of this labyrinthine environment so intricately, at times I was reminded of Gaiman's Neverwhere. The slang took some getting used to, but it fit the novel well in a sort of Clockwork Orange way. Though Chess and her counterpart, drug lord enforcer Terrible, are flawed, they possess that essential kernel of humanity that makes us want to root for them as they navigate this dark dystopian world.However, I did not feel the author carried off the second half of the book as well. Once the author peopled this frightening world with these unique characters, she neglected them in favor of escalating violence, slobbering demons, and spiraling special effects. The plot devolved into a blow-by-blow slugfest in an attempt to build tension and create empathy. It didn't work. The story of these troubled characters should have been deepened; instead, the plot surface took over. I hope this series does not become yet another three scoop sundae with globby chocolate syrup smothered in marshmallow topping when story is what we crave.From Unholy Ghosts I turned to The Handmaid's Tale. Now there's a dystopian novel with some meat.

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Just a fun fast moving book for adults! I am excited to see where she goes.

The voices were amazing for this audiobook. Well done.

Hated this

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