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Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior And The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him (2011)

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him (2011)

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About book Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior And The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him (2011)

early portions of the audiobook are poorly edited, with clearly separate recordings inserted (background levels, voice tone, etc). In the intro and first chapters there are sections where it almost sounds like a conversation with edits occurring on a nearly sentence-by-sentence basis. This was distracting, and I would have preferred they just redo larger sections as a whole.Once he gets into the discussion of the dog's early life and training, and his own experiences overseas that led up to his need for a service dog, and meeting the dog, it became great. As a retired military member and dog lover, I feel a kinship (though my military experiences do not compare to the author's and my dog, though very cute and loving as most dogs are, is no service dog).Looking forward to finishing this, as the material is so easy to relate to and get involved in.Finished today, overall, an enjoyable book, biggest criticism is the narration edits running so often early on. Would not be an issue reading as opposed to listening (my preferred method these days, since I can get a through a couple books per week while working). I loved this book and couldn't put it down. It's not just about Tuesday, an amazing service dog. It's about this man's incredible journey to save himself in the face of severe PTSD and crippling physical injuries incurred in the Iraq War. This book is also a searing indictment of the first the Bush administration's and then the Obama's administration's failure to adequately fund and orchestrate the Iraq War. Obviously writing from his heart, the author conveys a strong sense of betrayal he and other veterans who served overseas have experienced. He also talks about the desperate plight of so many veterans who are not getting the care they need after they return home.This book is also about moving on from massive disappointment, injuries, difficulties, isolation and addiction. Of course, I loved reading about Tuesday, his early years and training and learning about his story. I am inspired and moved by both their stories. I learned a lot about the war, PTSD and what life is like for returning, injured vets.I gave this a five-star because it's an important story to hear. This is a decorated veteran, an Army captain, who gave the Iraq War and the military everything he had only to return a broken veteran who had to fend for himself in getting the care he needed. I am not a flag-raising patriot in love with the military but I do think the country needs to assure veterans who do serve get the care they need when they return home. Too many veterans are homeless, committing suicide, unable to find work and the help they need to make the transition. This book is not perfect. Some parts are uneven and some parts jump around and the writing, overall, is not the best ever published. But I enjoyed its conversational tone and directness. It was easy to read and absorb. I hope more people pick it up and learn about the travesty of the Iraq War through one who was there and lived through it, and also what faces veterans when they return home. Tuesday, of course, will leave you inspired about dogs' seemingly unlimited capacity to love, heal and forgive.

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wonderful story that opened my eyes to the challenges of our veterans - so glad I read it!

Started crying around page 7.

Enjoyed it a lot!

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