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Until We Fly - Ewig Vereint (2000)

Until We Fly - Ewig vereint (2000)

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About book Until We Fly - Ewig Vereint (2000)

Like any of Courtney Cole's books we first had Pax which I loved, then Gabe, and Dominic. All three of these men were broken but love will definitely come for our next love interest Brand. Courtney definitely has a way with writing her books because they all make me want to re-read them. I have always loved New Adult and this series definitely is great to begin with! Brand is HOT and it was great to see the chemistry between Brand and Nora. Brand has been a part of every story line, he is Gabe's best friend from the Army Rangers. He was wounded like Gabe. He is the guy when someone is in trouble or afraid. Brand fixes everyone's problems except his own pain after the Army and childhood. Until Nora comes in and he questions whether he is worthy of her love. While they may be damaged, fate has brought them together to help each other overcome their pasts and learn the truths. Each of their characters are flawed but Cole is great at this because she can some how put them together with her beautiful writing. I am already a big fan of Courtney Cole and it hasn't changed since I always buy her books! The Beautifully Broken Series could be dark and twisted, then in the next it becomes beautiful. I also love seeing updates on past characters which is another thing I love. Until We Fly will craete butterflies in your stomach, maybe even tears because these strong characters go through so much! Can't wait for more books to come!! Coming back to the town that Brand grew up in is the last thing he ever wanted to do. Then a phone call came that changed things. Duty calls and Brand finds himself headed by to the place he would rather forget. Settling his father’s estate is the only reason he has been drawn back to town. As the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in town, Nora Greene seems to have it all. With her newly acquired law degree, she is all set up to work at her father’s company. It has all been decided for her. Yet this is not the path that Nora wants at all. Despite Nora’s feelings, her father demands that she be a part of the company. Even with a ‘secret’ hidden above Nora’s head. When an accident draws Nora and Brand together, all of the feelings she had for him come crashing around her. Finally, Nora gets her chance to spend time with Brand. The two set up house in a cottage while Brand recuperates. Nora plans to take every opportunity to show Brand why they should be together - in more ways than one - this summer. The death of Brand’s father should be a weight lifted from his shoulders. The tragedy of his childhood is once again brought into his life as the clauses of his father’s will are put into play. Secrets from his past will once again haunt him. This time, Nora will be there to help him through the difficult memories and decisions he must make. For Nora, secrets are a fact of life. Her secret is so big she can’t scrub the memory out of her mind. There is no one that she trusts enough to help her. Each memory looming of what is still left to come. A knowledge that smacks Nora in the face with each thought of her future. Both Brand and Nora are living on borrowed time. Each trying to escape their past, but as we all know time wait on no one. Now they both will decide how their future plays out as fate comes knocking on their door. What an emotional journey this book was. Anyone that reads Until Will Fly will definitely feel emotionally connected to Brand and Nora. Each page in this book was another revelation into the heartbreak that both have experienced. The twists woven throughout the story will leaving you intrigued. The revelations will at times leave your heart heavy. Throughout the story, - Courtney Cole shocked me, surprised me, and left me spent with emotion. This was by far one heck of an emotional roller coaster that left me touched at the very end.

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An awesome ending to awesome series! Heart-breaking :')

Sometimes, before we fall… we fly).

loved this series!!!!!

loved it

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