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Until You (2014)

Until You (2014)
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Intermix (Penguin Group (USA) LLC)
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Until You (2014)
Until You (2014)

About book: 4.5 stars. I'm completely loving this story. "Hearing" Jared's thoughts was enlightening as well as heartbreaking. If I'd read this book first, I would have loved him much sooner. This book paints a portrait of a boy head over heels in love without the experience and emotional maturity to know what to do with those feelings. He experienced incredible pain and some pretty intense self-discovery but in the end, this book is about a boy who loves a girl with his whole heart. I gave it 4.5 stars even though I gave Bully 4.75 stars - Bully had a finite end. It was intended to be a stand-alone without future novels. However, due to fan demand (thank you fans, btw), a series was launched. So the end feels a bit incomplete because their story will continue; it just felt slightly less resolved. Not really an issue but it just lost a 1/4 point for only that reason. I appreciated getting things from Jared's POV. I remember after reading Bully that there was no way I could dive right into this story after that. Knowing how things turned out and having the back story I wasn't as affected as the first time around. There were scenes from Bully that I remembered in great detail and they honestly evoked the same emotions as if it was the first time. Overall this was a great POV that wasn't just a retelling of Bully.
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I like Jared now that I finished the book. I will always love Tate. Her monologue is the best.
jednoducho skvele :))))) ten záver, proste aaaaaw O:-)
Loved Jared's side of the story!
Aish Jared *-*
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